Best ever baby marrows!! Blue cheese is the star!

Simple and not exactly a “recipe” but this one was such a game changer for my seemingly never ending search for vegetable dishes that are #LCHF friendly while still being simple and tasty, that I just had to share it.

Meet the baby marrow blue cheese sexiness that is totally #LCHF friendly and bloody delicious to boot!

We had ours with chicken last night and it truly was a delicious meal – this is the second time I’ve made the marrows this way; first time was with pork belly and it was just as great then. The flavour of these veggies are robust enough to stand up to even ostrich I’d say, and I’ll be sure to test them for exactly that in the not too distant future.

So, let’s get down to it – how to produce this mouthwatering twist on fried baby marrow’s. It really is ridiculously simple and very much “to taste”, so I’ve guestimated quantities in all aspects here, but be sure to try it and go with your gut – as long as blue cheese is present you’re all set 😛

Slice red onion and throw in pan with ghee, garlic and chilli (always optional, though why anybody in their right mind would omit is beyond me).

Now add sliced baby marrows, toss and cook until they’re almost cooked through.

Next, add a healthy portion of blue cheese.

Reduce heat to simmer, and leave until the blue cheese “caramelises” and is nice and gooey. Serve and enjoy!