Why hello there you delicious morsel you 🙂 It’s been a while (anyone else have Aaron Lewis whining in their head right about now? You’re welcome), but to say things have been busy is somewhat of an understatement.

My LCHF Banting journey is ongoing, if somewhat sporadically, but it’s definitely becoming more of a way of life for me than an actual conscious decision each time I eat. If only I could stop the cheat days… Studies are a cluster***k and work is… well, let’s just say if it wasn’t for the calming effect of my sales manager and a constant supply of nicotine, there’d be bodies here.

But you didn’t meander here to read about my pending alcoholism problem, my absolute avoidance of any type of healthy lifestyle as a committed project, or my complete lack of understanding of ANYTHING in my qualitative mathematics textbook, now did you? Of course you didn’t my little beauties, so let’s get on with it, shall we? HAPPY FUCKING FRIDAY – have some literally nice really really frivolous shit! (that was just for Antiredcap 😉 )

15 Words you should eliminate from your vocabulary – I am by no means a gifted writer, but of course, as I read a lot, this makes me an expert. I kid, I kid, but I do enjoy succinct, clever writing, and this article will give you a few giggles as well as some excellent advice that you can use on your next literary creative endeavour. Hit the link to read it.

Naturally, we follow with a blog post that ignores all of the rules from above article, but will have you guffawing anyway 🙂 Have a friend who has recently discovered the bliss of running and can’t stop telling you all about it? Or maybe you are that friend… in which case, chin up, and I hope you can take a joke 😛 I have the utmost respect for anybody who actually manages to get their ass off their couch for a longer spell than it takes me to go to the kitchen counter to retrieve another whisky (see my work bestie’s blog over at The Blessed Barrenness to see how inspiring some runners can be), but this made me laugh out loud, like literally (like really really really 😉 ), so have a gander and a giggle and go read A message to runners everywhere: shutttttt uppppppp

Keeping to the theme of fitness, I present the most shocking football injury in history. This poor man; he must have been devastated to have his career ended by such an aggressive attack, and this most likely at the point of his career take off. SHOCKING! 😉

Doing the rounds at the moment is the trailer for Simon Pegg’s new movie, “Absolutely Anything”. Aside from featuring Simon himself, we’re also treated to John Cleese and Robin Williams (his final voice over role prior to his passing). It looks hilarious, and I’m looking forward to it. Have a watch:

That’s it from me for today, time to dive into the madness that has become my daily life and gear up to start putting out (not literal) fires. GO FORTH AND KICK SOME ASS.


Just For Fun Friday’s

After the disgusting mess that was #SONA2015, we could all use a laugh. And what better way to deal with the debacle that was the State of the Nation Address but to laugh at it – SA politics – keeping comedians in business!

Here’s a great column by Tom Eaton published ahead of the SONA: “Welcome to Cadreville”. If you don’t know who he is, you really should check out his blog Calling Through The Fog; witty, intelligent, brutal – he’ll make you laugh and despair all at the same time – great South African writer! You should also see if you can get your hands on The De Villiers Code; that book had me in stitches – highly recommended reading (a quick search on local e-tailers only yielded Texas as a result on his books). My favourite line from his Cadreville post has to be

Our leaders seem to pass the buck faster than a lion on laxatives.

He just has a way with words 😛 I eagerly await his take on #SONA2015, though even Tom may be left speechless this time around.

For further “hilarious” reading, just search #SONA2015 on social media and the interwebs in general. You’ll laugh. You’ll cry. You’ll cry with laughter.

Moving right along, it’s Valentine’s day tomorrow, and instead of buying that horrendous tacky teddy (lingerie or bear, works either way), why not make bacon roses for your loved one. If they don’t like them, let me save you the inevitable agonising end to your already mistaken partnership – THEY’RE NOT THE ONE FOR YOU!


This one is a bit…. odd. Brought to you by the gaming parody team Super2Bit, here’s a video playthrough of a game called Mount Your Friends. The name should set the tone for you, really 😛

Why the Johnson???? *tears*

Let’s end off this post with a super huge dose of cuteness, and what has now decided my new life goal – to fly KLM and leave something on the plane. Have a look at the best take on dealing with lost and found known to man to see why, brought to you by the awesome people at KLM.

And that’s it from me today folks, have a great buy-your-loved-one-ridiculous-gifts-day, and remember – if you can’t laugh at it, the main issue is with you. You’re welcome 😉

Just For Fun Friday’s

My #28DaysLighter challenge for myself has to include humour – the soul needs lightness too ya know; and f*&k knows Eskom will be of zero help in that department 😛 So let’s get to it.

The highlight of the week on social media for giggles must be Mugabe taking a tumble on Wednesday. It’s spawned a treasure trove of wonderfully imaginative pics with said dictator featured in often hilarious situations. You can see them all on a quick Google search, but this one has got to be my favourite so far. It’s just so damn apt, really.


Released today is a teaser trailer for the soon to be added JurassicWorld game to the Lego stable. Those arms. Slays me!

A colleague at work introduced me to Russel Peters this week – here’s a rather amusing clip from one of his stand up shows for you.

Lastly, I’ll leave you with a story of colossal stupidity that should amuse at my expense. This month so far has been a hectic one for me; start of studies for four registered UNISA BComm modules (I still don’t know wtf I was thinking..), attempting to sort out what must go into storage, what gets checked and what goes with in preparation for the big move into the significant other’s domain, and still struggling with my weight, so it’s probably not much of a surprise that I’m losing my proverbial marbles, but still….

Wednesday 2:40pm I’m sitting at my laptop at work and an SMS notification comes through on my phone for a purchase of R100, with a reference of WELLINGTON and a time stamp of 11:10am. Now I had my card cloned about 2 years ago and within 15 minutes my account was wiped, and it took 4 weeks to get the funds back. Cue me freaking out – I mean I’m sitting in the office, I have not gone out, and the reference is a town in Cape Town (I’m in Jhb). I immediately call Capitec and have the card stopped after a  discussion with the support person on the other end, and as he starts reading out transactions from the prior day I reach over for my biltong. BILTONG. We have a guy who does the rounds here fairly regularly at our office park that sells the most delicious biltong. Yes, the transaction was me. The SMS was just delayed. And now I had a stopped card and a doctor’s appointment at 4:30 that afternoon, with no means of paying for it. You can imagine the look on my bosses face when I had to explain why I needed to leave the office even earlier than previously communicated.

The fact that I couldn’t stop laughing at my own stupidity made my day though.

Well, that’s a wrap for today’s post, have a rocking weekend and keep smiling 🙂

Just For Fun Friday’s

Oh hello there! Yes you, you beautiful creature! Sorry I’ve been neglecting you; truth be told, I’ve been neglecting myself. As a result, you suffer. I’ve been neglecting exercise (so no Monday Moaning’s), good eating (no additional LCHF Recipes), being productive at home, gaming, and all the other wonderful (and not so wonderful) daily activities one should be doing. Spent more than a week eating carb laden food and drinking carb laden drinks, and generally not moving all that much beyond the space I need to traverse to get from my couch to the fridge. Okay, it wasn’t ALL doom and gloom. I’ve managed to do a few things since I last graced you with my presence. My Zelda cross stitch project is coming along nicely, at least. I also managed to finally get somebody at UNISA to give me clarification on continuing my studies. If you have never dealt with UNISA, trust me when I say, this alone deserves a bloody gold medal.

Anyway, I’m back, I’m eating healthier again and I’ve even managed to move a bit further than the space I traverse between my couch and fridge. And now it’s time to share the things that have entertained me this week with you, you sexy beast you! Most of them you can thank my better half, @antiredcap for 🙂 Enjoy!

Mutant Giant Spider Prank

Special mention to the guy at 2:59. Yes, because when confronted with dangling dismembered body parts in a subway station, the first thing one should do is take your phone out and cal.. no, no, wait. Sorry, silly me, of course you’re not calling the authorities, you’re taking a photo! It’s a sign of today’s times, really. Moving on.

Marrying two things I am really rather fond of, Nine INch Nails and gaming, here’s a rather exceptionally clever “cover” of one of NiN’s albums in Atari 8-bit sound bytes. And it’s done BEAUTIFULLY. Have a listen to it over here.

More on gaming, Destiny (a game that is going to break my bank account due to the deliciousness that is the Ghost Edition) is coming out soon and you should totally watch this live action trailer for it; I nicked it from SA Gamer – thanks guys!

Small things interest and amuse me, they always have. These really tiny awesome diorama’s are no exception. A Japanese artist has spent every single day of the last four years creating a miniature masterpiece using everyday items like broccoli and food cans to create diorama’s, and he’s bloody good at it.



You can follow him on Instagram, Twitter, or just visit his site to see what it’s all about.

On to another talented person, here’s the voice and musical intelligence behind Ten Second Songs doing Linkin Park’s “In the end” in 20 different styles. I nabbed this from the awesome fella over at OneLargePrawn 🙂

Lastly, here’s a very sweet video to remind us why we love our video games, thanks again to the folks over at SA Gamer. Have a rocking weekend!

Just For Fun Friday’s

So while the lucky few from the place I work at get to go to Gamescom, I have spent the week watching the trailers and announcements online. Much fun was had (by me, not sure about the Sony fanboi’s) with the announcement from MS that the next iteration in the Tomb Raider franchise, Rise of the Tomb Raider, was an exclusive Xbox title. The RAGE and ENTITLEMENT that filled the interwebs was a joy to behold. Then, a mere 24 hours later, MS’s Phil Spence stated it was a contract with a duration. In English for us? Timed exclusive. Anyway, that kept me entertained for a good 48 hours while those not planning on owning an XBOX One in the future seethed and collectively gnashed their teeth at what had been taken away from them. Because, ya know, it’s THEIRS. This tweet from Darryn over at LazyGamer summed it up nicely and made me chuckle:

Back to Gamescom, Devon decided to taunt me with pictures via WhatsApp from the ridiculously awesome looking Hall of Swag at Gamescom, here, suffer with me.








So let’s cheer up shall we? Here’s a collection of amusing stuffs, pretty much thanks to my better half via GTalk:

And that’s it from me for today, have a wonderful weekend all of you, see youon the flip side!

Just For Fun Friday’s

Hey! Hello! Welcome back (to both you and me)!

Apathy has been my middle name for the past few weeks, but with the morning natural light appearing earlier and the necessity of my fan heater while getting dressed decreasing at a rapid rate, so too my energy levels are rising and that pending spring in my step feeling is slowly returning. Well, we hope so anyway – we all know how much of a faddist I am with any kind of commitment not involving beer, food, or my other half. Here today, gone tomorrow….

Anyway, today’s is a mixed bag of stuff, some old and some new, all interesting / entertaining (to me). Enjoy it, and remember, TOMORROW IS ANOT.. oh, wait, no, BAD Choffel, BAD!. Get to it!

A game company responsible for Skullgirls got clever, and put a pirate in his place. I just read about this in the August issue of NAG, but of course there’s a local story for this too on our trusty interwebs, which you can view in full over at LazyGamer. In a nutshell, New Meridian implemented a unique pop-up message that would only appear if the copy being played was pirated – this happened and the player unwittingly tweeted a screen shot to the Skullgirls account asking why, to be rewarded (righteously) with this reply:


Too damn right.

Today’s quiet “announcement” from the makers of a game I invested far too many hours in has started a little buzz – Sierra is coming back!

Now, time to HIT ME WITH YOUR PET SHARK! Confused? Worry not, it will make total sense in a moment – just watch the video for misheard song lyrics:

Aaaaaand here’s some more on gaming…. kinda… Antiredcap shared this disturbing little gem with me during the week:

I’m not one to jump onto the whole feminism bandwagon and shout from the rooftops re woman’s rights and things that offend me (as it really rarely happens), so as such I usually ignore anything realted to these topics, but this one is funny 🙂

Lastly, because I’ve been HORRIBLY slack of late in sharing anything LCHF related (mostly because I’ve been HORRIBLY SLACK at doing anything LCHF lately…), here’s a delicious looking recipe from the folks over at the GetSlim site which I’m going to try in the near future: Loaded Cauli Bake

That’s it folks, enjoy the weekend and trying to look busy at your desk for the rest of today!

Just For Fun Friday’s

This week’s been a busy one – I’m seeing a recurring pattern I’m not too fond of here 😛 Even more reason to find things to amuse and distract for a bit.

First up – I’m a ginger. A red head, a carrot top, a firetruck. I grew up not only being a carrot top, but having to suffer through 4 years of braces, had freckles, and was already sporting hairy legs by 12. Granted, they’re “blonde” (ginger) hair, so not noticeable until the sunlight hits them. And then I have the misfortune of resembling the not so pretty Twilight Vampire cousin third removed on the extended side of the not-so-fortunately-good-looking family. It was challenging, to say the least. People like Gareth Cliff who constantly campaign against us “ginger’s”, warrant a PK – even though I like the man and his opinions, and I’m certain it’s a standing joke, I’d still slap him upside the head for the discriminating comments against myself and our ilk should I meet him in person. The truth, I reckon, lies in the fact that people find us fascinating and weird, and don’t understand the natural freakish occurrence of us red heads. And we all know you fear what you don’t understand. Rightfully so – while we’re arguably the most loyal friends you’re ever likely to find, as a general rule we all seem to be quite short tempered, and the saying “hell hath no fury” should really end with “like a red head scorned”. I suspect this has far more to do with battling the constant insults growing up than any real related DNA factors, but most of us are this way. And red heads DEFINITELY have more fun. One of my absolute fav’s of the ginger persuasion is Tim Minchin – a singing comedian, if you will. He sums it up beautifully in this song, and you’ll have a laugh whether you’re one of “us” or not.

It’s no secret that I’m a Ninty fangirl, and as such, I naturally bought Mario Kart 8 at launch. I love the game, and racing against your friends and other online peeps is one of the best aspects for MK8. BUT. It can also be the worst. This comic strip from Penny Arcade sums it up nicely, really 😛

If you’re a Breaking Bad fan, this will probably amuse you as it did me. Some student sent a bobblehead of Walter White into space – and you can see the time lapse trip to the moon (almost) and back in the video below. They’re even running a competition to win the gent who went to space – sadly it’s US residents only.

That’s enough awesome to tide you over today. Have a rocking weekend!!