I’ve been wanting to make the zoodles for a while now – the LCHF “substitute” for pasta, but trying to make anything remotely resembling noodles with the various peelers I have at home has yielded what can only be referred to as something fit for stir fry’s. Or the bin. I now have three types of peelers, to put it into perspective.The spiralisers available online are quite pricey; the cheapest I could find on YuppieChef was over R300, and I was about to bite the bullet and buy one, when Sharon told me that they sell spiralisers at Clicks! So I found the below beauty at Clicks Fourways Mall for a whole ninety nine rond 😛 The good news? It was money well spent!

I just want to spiralise everything now. Next up are boodles I think (brinjal). Wondering if the sponginess will hold up, but doing it the same way I did the baby marrow noodles should work, which was as follows for those of you who want to try it:

zoodles veggie spiraliser

For two portions as pictured, I used:

– 3 medium sized courgettes

– handful of calamata olives, diced

– tablespoon of crushed garlic

– tablespoon of chilli fakes

– 3 tablespoons coconut oil

Run your courgettes through the spiraliser to make your zoodles. Throw all the ingredients in a tupperware and toss to coat the zoodles. Heat pan on high, and flash fry for maximum two minutes – VOILA! Easy and delicious.

I also have a giant tub of basil pesto at home, which I think will do nicely too, and think I’ll get some olive tapenade as a store cupboard item as well; olives add a nice meatiness to the flavour.



BOOYA! UCT Import and Export Management short course done and dusted!

Not stellar results, but as it’s been at least a good 12 years (giving away my age here…) since I’ve had to study anything, I’m fairly pleased with the outcome, and thrilled I did it in between the madness that was our busiest release season to date at work along with the late nights and operations nightmares that entailed, on top of having to do the final three modules as my UNISA semester started. Pat on the back, meet self 🙂

UCT Grades

Things I’ve learned from this? I can achieve my goals even under the most stressful of situations, and you can teach an old dog new tricks 😉


Okay so I changed the saying, but it was used on me on the 1st and it’s such a quaint saying I had to use it 😛

I did start off my #28DaysLighter on the 1st of February by sorting through my UNISA study (study timetable, calendar entries for all assignment due dates, reading of tutorial letters and the rather impressive “Welcome to UNISA” info pack), doing a 30 minute walk on my treadmill and actually making time to go out and socialise with some friend’s of my significant other’s, instead of sitting on the couch all evening crocheting as I was sorely tempted to do 😉

Yesterday saw another 30 minutes on the treadmill and 2 hours of solid study time, so I’m quite impressed with myself *pats self on back*.

An immediate looming issue I can see on the horizon is my time management sucks. I landed up only going to bed around 11pm, which when you aim to be up at 4am is just not going to work. I’m still trying to fit in my usual series fix and everything else on top of that. Sacrifices will have to be made. It’s early days yet, I’ll tweak as I go along, I’m just happy I actually got started. UNISA scares me far less now than the prospect of moving. Which I must still pack for. SQUIRREL

My “achievements” list for today? Booked car in to have the breaks and associated bits (I’m a girl, okay?) sorted and booked an actual doctor’s appointment tomorrow afternoon to have a fluid build up on my elbow looked at. If you know me, you’re probably looking out of your window for the snow right about now. Oh yes, and I levelled up in SimCity BuildIt. What? What do you mean that’s not an achievement?! DO YOU KNOW HOW MANY NAILS I HAD TO MANUFA…. *ahem* Let’s move along shall we?

I’ve also signed up for the 6 week “Ladies That LCHF” course through the LoseIt team – I’m clearly not sticking to it properly on my own so I’m looking forward to being told what to cook, eat and buy. IOW, I’m being lazy about it 🙂

So, on with the show, let’s see what else I can add to making my #28DaysLighter a success for myself. And if you’re joining me, well done and good luck!