#28DaysLighter – conclusion


My self made #28DaysLighter challenge for February has been quite successful overall. Two of 4 assignments of my BCom studies done, the BIG MOVE completed, and I’m 4.3 kg’s down as at last week Friday through the Ladies That LCHF course.

This past weekend also marked the first weekend of having the other half’s sprog (he turns 8 end of March) with us since I’ve moved in. Happy to report we get on well, and while I’m certainly not born mother material, things seem to be going okay so far with the newness of me no longer just visiting for a few hours, but living there. My first task Friday when I got home was to put a temporary tattoo he picked out on for him – this seems to have become somewhat of a ritual and something I find quite sweet – I have tattoos and he wants them (albeit temp ones); I love Yoshi and it’s now his favourite Nintendo character; while studying this weekend I got interrupted on a few occasions so that he could share a funny anecdote with me – it’s great that he wants to communicate and spend time together as opposed to me just being “dad’s girlfriend who he has to put up with”. This weekend was a challenge as I had to get a Quantitative Modelling assignment done (think the maths you hated in school and multiply by 1000%…) so I couldn’t spend much time with him, but looking forward to the next weekend visit as assignments due now will be out of the way and we can do a koppie walk which we all enjoy greatly.

Re my pooches – I was greatly concerned about them moving into the new place – the other half’s mom’s garden is beautiful. We’re talking House & Home cover beautiful. Basil likes digging. A LOT. So far though, he’s been rather well behaved aside from using various flower beds as hiding spots and short cuts which has resulted in some plants being uprooted šŸ˜› A fence goes up this week on Thursday too which essentially gives them their own courtyard within the garden that leads off from the sliding door at the house – no more stressing about the family coming in and out with cars during the day (Basil is also quite fond of running to say hello to other dogs, of which there are many in the neighborhood), so I am looking forward to that. I’ve also booked training sessions with a “train at your home” dog trainer for my schmodel dog (Basil – all looks no brains šŸ˜‰ ) through a company called MiDogz, and the sessions start next week Tuesday and carry on for 6 months. The beauty? The trainer goes in on her own and works with Basil at the house every week, and I only attend the last training session. I’m not entirely sure how that works and will apparently be sent instructions / updates each week on what he has been taught and how to reinforce it, but I think it can only be of benefit when all is said done, so greatly looking forward to that as well.

So that’s it from me – self imposed challenge resulted in getting a lot done and dusted during February, and in the process I’ve cultivated a lasting drive to get things done and be proactive in all areas, so I’d say MISSION SUCCESSFUL!

Here’s wishing you all the best in all endeavours you take on today and in the days to come – as the other half quoted last night during the Spurs vs Chelsea game – “You miss 100% of the goals you don’t try for”



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