Third of the way through my #28DaysLighter


And it’s been pretty good so far, I’m pleased to report.


I’m more behind than I’d like to be given the timetable I created for myself and the fact that first assignments due are a mere 2 weeks away, but this morning I got stuck into one of them for 2 hours and am finding it fascinating. What I thought was going to be a “wishy washy” module has actually got me interacting with other students via the UNISA hosted forums and expressing my opinion on ethical and moral problems – most who know me know how much I love opinions, and giving them 😉 The course title is Sustainability and Greed – and honestly I thank #SONA2015 for giving me a basis to reflect on just how much of an important aspect of leadership and management ethics really is. Old showerhead should have been forced through this course. You’ll probably be hearing more of my thoughts on the blog in future on this – it’s an interesting discussion topic in general and it’s always good to see how others perceive what we may take as standard. Anyway, actual fun in studies? SCORE!

Material stuffs

So I’m taking a big step and moving in with my other half this weekend – I’ve been stressing like hell on getting everything done in time and it forced me to take stock on my many MANY things and get callous – so much stuff has been thrown out / donated and sorted; I’m thrilled! A daunting task at first and I cannot tell you how sick I am of moving after having done it at least 5 times in the past 6 years, but it feels good to get rid of clutter (material and emotional), and I’m looking forward to building a home with him; with all the fun and challenges that come with that 😛


Carrying on from above – it’s an odd thing when you don’t live together. Even though he spends 90% of his time at my house, I still always have that feeling of “well he’s visiting and our time together is limited so I won’t do this task now or that task now, etc. On his side, it’s difficult to get any tasks he needs to get done as he’s in my space, with my things, and not in his comfort zone, so similarly he doesn’t get to do what needs to be done. Moving in together affords us both the opportunity to actually get our shit done, so to speak, while still knowing that at the end of the day we’re together, in the same space 🙂 I’m looking forward to actually getting routines in place and it will help me greatly with ALL aspects of both of our planning / routines and tasks I think.


And all that encompasses – we’ve been on a strict LCHF / Banting eating plan since Monday this week, and it’s a 6 week program. Again, living apart makes this quite tricky at times; this morning I had to pack all raw ingredients for him to make sure he has everything he needs to make the right dinner this evening. Living together means we eat the same, all the time, and together. It’s always easier when you’re both on the same journey in each other’s space and sharing it every step of the way. Same goes for exercise and any other activities we want to do – walking the dogs, using of the treadmill etc – all things we tend to neglect or not do for fear of missing out on time spent together when he’s “visiting”.

So, with the move scheduled for tomorrow and life hopefully being fully settled by the end of the weekend, I’m looking forward to a new chapter of GETTING SHIT DONE!

19 of my personal #28DaysLighter challenge and we’re tracking along nicely, I think 🙂


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