Just For Fun Friday’s

After the disgusting mess that was #SONA2015, we could all use a laugh. And what better way to deal with the debacle that was the State of the Nation Address but to laugh at it – SA politics – keeping comedians in business!

Here’s a great column by Tom Eaton published ahead of the SONA: “Welcome to Cadreville”. If you don’t know who he is, you really should check out his blog Calling Through The Fog; witty, intelligent, brutal – he’ll make you laugh and despair all at the same time – great South African writer! You should also see if you can get your hands on The De Villiers Code; that book had me in stitches – highly recommended reading (a quick search on local e-tailers only yielded Texas as a result on his books). My favourite line from his Cadreville post has to be

Our leaders seem to pass the buck faster than a lion on laxatives.

He just has a way with words 😛 I eagerly await his take on #SONA2015, though even Tom may be left speechless this time around.

For further “hilarious” reading, just search #SONA2015 on social media and the interwebs in general. You’ll laugh. You’ll cry. You’ll cry with laughter.

Moving right along, it’s Valentine’s day tomorrow, and instead of buying that horrendous tacky teddy (lingerie or bear, works either way), why not make bacon roses for your loved one. If they don’t like them, let me save you the inevitable agonising end to your already mistaken partnership – THEY’RE NOT THE ONE FOR YOU!


This one is a bit…. odd. Brought to you by the gaming parody team Super2Bit, here’s a video playthrough of a game called Mount Your Friends. The name should set the tone for you, really 😛

Why the Johnson???? *tears*

Let’s end off this post with a super huge dose of cuteness, and what has now decided my new life goal – to fly KLM and leave something on the plane. Have a look at the best take on dealing with lost and found known to man to see why, brought to you by the awesome people at KLM.

And that’s it from me today folks, have a great buy-your-loved-one-ridiculous-gifts-day, and remember – if you can’t laugh at it, the main issue is with you. You’re welcome 😉


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