I’ve been wanting to make the zoodles for a while now – the LCHF “substitute” for pasta, but trying to make anything remotely resembling noodles with the various peelers I have at home has yielded what can only be referred to as something fit for stir fry’s. Or the bin. I now have three types of peelers, to put it into perspective.The spiralisers available online are quite pricey; the cheapest I could find on YuppieChef was over R300, and I was about to bite the bullet and buy one, when Sharon told me that they sell spiralisers at Clicks! So I found the below beauty at Clicks Fourways Mall for a whole ninety nine rond 😛 The good news? It was money well spent!

I just want to spiralise everything now. Next up are boodles I think (brinjal). Wondering if the sponginess will hold up, but doing it the same way I did the baby marrow noodles should work, which was as follows for those of you who want to try it:

zoodles veggie spiraliser

For two portions as pictured, I used:

– 3 medium sized courgettes

– handful of calamata olives, diced

– tablespoon of crushed garlic

– tablespoon of chilli fakes

– 3 tablespoons coconut oil

Run your courgettes through the spiraliser to make your zoodles. Throw all the ingredients in a tupperware and toss to coat the zoodles. Heat pan on high, and flash fry for maximum two minutes – VOILA! Easy and delicious.

I also have a giant tub of basil pesto at home, which I think will do nicely too, and think I’ll get some olive tapenade as a store cupboard item as well; olives add a nice meatiness to the flavour.


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