#28DaysLighter – revamp

January is wearing me down people, WEARING ME DOWN!! I’m busy finishing off my online UCT course (submitted 3rd last assignment this morning, 2 more to go), I’ve received my UNISA text books and study guides and assignment stack, and I’ve started the process of sorting out the various hoarded items in my abode from the last 5 years spanning 6 moves so that I can move AGAIN….

… excuse me while I just go and get a brown paper bag quickly….

… hyperventilates….

RIGHT. BACK. So, I’m feeling oh so slightly overwhelmed at the moment, and to add to everything I have to do or face not being able to move or failing, it’s actually an almost impossible task to create a list of 28 things to do for each day of February, because things I’d normally add to my list are things I have no choice but to do now, and fast; I no longer have the luxury to treat them as challenges to be achieved “one day”.

I started with a list, but I’ve already cleaned out my closets and sent 3 full boxes to the hospice. I’ve already sat down for two hours and made study notes; and will continue to do so in the foreseeable future. As a result, I’m putting the advent calendar concept on hold, BUT I’m still going to go ahead with my #28DaysLighter challenge to myself; it just now takes on a slightly different meaning for me. I’ll be sharing with you what I’ve done each day in February that helps make my stress levels and my must get finished massive workload lighter. It’s now more about keeping myself going by cataloging successes for myself to prevent drowning in the stress pool.

So, #28DaysLighter – share with me any productive task / success you feel you’ve achieved in the day, even if it is just a walk with the dogs (you’ll see that from me at some point, guarantee it!); I’d love to hear from you!


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