Carry on carrying on

A week and a day back at work and the holiday’s are a fading distant memory… My part time studies have kicked off again as of yesterday; 4 modules left until my current short course is complete and I’m still maintaining higher than class average, so quite chuffed with that. First payment for UNISA was processed by work yesterday as well, so I’ll be ending UCT online course and going right into UNISA…. I often wonder what mental pills I’m on when I’ve made these decisions 😉

I seem to have gotten the wheels back on the LCHF wagon overall, though it’s still early days indeed – 8 to be precise since starting again on the eating lifestyle change, and it hasn’t been without it’s challenges. I *may* have eaten three baby potatoes and two teaspoons of custard at a braai with the other half’s family on Saturday… and I continue to be addicted to Tab, which is not good from an artificial sweetener point of view at all, but overall my eating habits are drastically improved from 2 weeks ago. I’m inching my way back to the weight I was before December. And then the REAL work starts hahahahahahahahahahaha!

I was going through my Instagram pics last night and I’d forgotten how many cool dishes I used to make and really how simple it is to stick to LCHF without getting overly fancy. It’s good to have reminders I think; we often get bogged down in the challenge of the now and forget that we are capable, and in many instances in fact, have proved so before. Dust yourself off and get on with it 🙂

Keeping with simple, I must share with you one of my new favourite Nomu products – their Cajun Rub. OHEMGEE. I bought unseasoned plain chicken wings yesterday, tossed them with olive oil and the Cajun Rub and lordy were they super delicious. The rub has a slight bite to it (I like hot stuff so don’t take my word on the fact that it’s mild, but if you can tolerate the green tabasco this stuff won’t make you sweat), and an underlying sweetness that is just delicious. I coupled that with a salad that took me two minutes to prep and voila – LCHF friendly, simple, delicious supper.


My treadmill has also been seeing regular use and has as yet not turned into a clothes horse. I need to keep track of a consecutive record I think to motivate myself on days it is used – create a button or something. Anybody have any ideas? It’s the odd things like that that remind us we’re making progress and helps keep us accountable at the same time.

That’s it from me today, have a kick ass day!


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