#28DaysLighter – Fight Off The Hoard!


It’s a new year, and you’ve made all sorts of resolutions, and possibly are even still sticking to some of them, but in the rush for new things and new adventures we often lose sight of neglected tasks. Simple, silly things. Your clothing cupboard is overflowing with items you don’t even remember owning, let alone have touched in over 6 months. The great books your thoughtful partner bought you are on top of a pile of 16 other books you’ve been meaning to read. That 27th cute coffee cup your kid bought you is stuffed behind all the previous cups that haven’t been used in 7 months and are sporting chips that would probably result in needing stitches if you sipped on any of them too absent mindedly.Your unfinished (or, in my case, completely unplayed) stack of Xbox360/PS3/3DS/WiiU games has somehow spawned offspring and grown to such a size that they’re now holding weekly meetings to address the state of the nation in the absence of power to actually be played.

So, that lead me to thinking of a twist on the advent calendar – the ACTIVITY CALENDAR!

The idea is simple – make a list of 28 things you have been putting off due to the sheer mundane concept of the task or just been neglecting because you never seem to have enough hours in the day, and use each day in February to actually do them. Write each activity on it’s own piece of paper, chuck it in your chosen receptacle, and each day in February we’ll take one out at random and make time to complete it before the end of that day.

Now, don’t make the tasks mammoth ones – as you need to complete them before the end of the day they need to be something you can realistically get done in the time you have. So, completing the entire collective works of Shakespeare – bad task. Defrosting your freezer – good task. Attempting to change the view of an online Troll with reasoning – bad task. De-weed your herb garden that now resembles a marigold farm – good task. Finally do that 3 day Otter Trail hike you’ve been dreaming of for years – bad task. Take a half hour walk / jog in your neighborhood – good task. You get the point – fight off the horde, be it clutter or extra weight, make every day a small victory!

Some days will lend themselves better to some of your tasks than others, so you’re allowed ONE swap a day. That’s it, just one. If the second one is even more taxing than the 1st you chose, my thoughts are with you ๐Ÿ˜‰ GET ON WITH IT.

As all things are more fun as a community and seeing others progress helps us stick to our own goals ourselves, share your task each day with the hashtag #28DaysLighter and tag me on Twitter or Instagram. Have your 28 tasks done and ready for action by the 31st January, and let’s have fun with it! I’ll be taking a picture every day to show what I’m up to during #28DaysLighter, and I hope you will too ๐Ÿ™‚

Let me know below if you’ll be joining, and share your lists or specific tasks; inspiration always comes from external sources so it’s good to share ๐Ÿ™‚

Credit to my awesome other half for the header image creation ๐Ÿ˜›


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