December holidays – much fun, much over indulgence :P

Hello lovely people of the interwebs!! It’s been a very long time since I’ve posted – the end of last year at work was manic to say the least, and coupled with me falling completely off my LCHF wagon, I neither had the time nor the inclination to write up any posts. A well earned break started on the 12th December and ended this past Sunday. Much fun was had with the other half and his sprog, as well as other half’s brother at the coast in Uvongo for the first week, followed by a generally very lazy sedentary balance of holidays catching up on much needed rest. Unfortunately, having already fallen off of the LCHF wagon, I went bossies (mad, for those of you who don’t do slang) with junk food and booze, and as a result I am, as at this morning, the heaviest weight I have ever been.

I fully expected it, knew I was eating myself into bigger clothes sizes, but cared little… Silly me, I care now! LOL

Anyhoo, as is the typical expected fashion the world over, January is the new start month, so start I shall. Back on the LCHF wagon I am, and I even treated myself to a treadmill – merry christmas to me from me 🙂 I’ve made coconut breaded fried hake bites and a salad for breakfast / lunch today, and the plan is green chicken curry with cauli-rice / mash this eve. IT’S ON!

My studies recommence on Monday too, those finish by end January, only to be followed by the continuation of my long ago abandoned degree studies from February. It’s going to be a year of re-learning a whole host of things it seems 😛

Something else I learnt this holiday – crochet! This started due to a request from a buddy in Cape Town for a baby groot that he found a pattern online for. It being greek to me, I endeavoured to learn how to crochet so that I could tackle it as requested; he’s so damn cute how could one resist? Thanks to Abi I know know how to tackle the groot pattern, and I’ve made two amirugumi under my belt, and I’m currently attempting a mario mushroom hat too… with two requests on other projects as well. I’m enjoying it and you get finished results a lot faster than with detailed cross stitch patterns too, which is always a plus on my book as I’m notorious for not finishing things 😉

And with that, I leave you with some pictures of the holiday views, indulgences, and my two completed projects. HELLO 2015, PREPARE TO HAVE YOUR ASS WHIPPED!

IMG_20141214_114801 IMG_20141214_115159 IMG_20141215_081539 IMG_20141215_081820 IMG_20141215_083409 IMG_20141216_182201 IMG_20141217_172627 IMG_20141217_173020 IMG_20141218_100213 IMG_20141218_112459 IMG_20141227_074429 IMG_20150103_164651


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