Just For Fun Friday’s

Hello pretty internet people 🙂 It’s been an interesting week on the web, what with Pistorious toilet humour clogging my timeline and Steve shooting his mouth off yet again. To get you away from the trending crap and give you a breath of fresh air outside of the ongoing Social Justice Warrior wars, I present to you some funnies and some cuteness to get you ready for the weekend. Enjoy!!

Macs now have Windows Support:

1db3be008f88a10afe2e42b21598f65a_650x a1d961b4f41b1c86e1429b72f011ba51_650xThe one above made me laugh so much it’s ridiculous. Sadly, I now have an earworm of a song I’m not overly fond of. AT ALL. Hit this link for 48 more punny giggles The 50 Funniest Puns

This one will help you get rid of the earworm from above, and I’m pretty sure they used Teddy the Porcupine to do the Animal Crossing villager voices. He’s just too damn cute. Hang in there, his reaction to his owner saying “I think you’re done with that one” is hilarious. I think Teddy could have a very dark side if you messed with his pumpkins.


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