Monday Moaning’s – How do YOU do it?


I am the world’s WORST with sticking to things. I love starting projects, be they self improvement, exercise plans, new eating lifestyle’s, new craft projects or even new games. Completing any of the aforementioned though? Now that’s an entirely different story.

This year alone, these are the things I have started and not stuck with 100% / completed:
– Banting / LCHF lifestyle: I stick to it probably 70% of the time. The 30% of the time that I don’t, means that as of this morning, my weight app tells me I have to lose the equivalent of a ten year old to reach my goal weight.

– P90X. Yeah, that lasted for a grand total of a week and a half for me.

– Running. I started with great intentions and even got the better half and I doing it together. My knee gave me hassles after 3 jog / walk sessions and we haven’t done it since.


So, help me here interwebs. I do have a very sporadic topsy turvy lifestyle, with what seems like very little time to do things. I also always seem to be tired, though I suspect the main culprit of that is my non constant eating ways. With me renewing studies shortly too, this is only going to get worse. How do YOU keep focused and on track with your goals? What secret “tricks” do you have / mantra’s you use to inspire you? Schedule tricks and tips to get the most of of your limited hours in the day?


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