Just For Fun Friday’s

Oh hello there! Yes you, you beautiful creature! Sorry I’ve been neglecting you; truth be told, I’ve been neglecting myself. As a result, you suffer. I’ve been neglecting exercise (so no Monday Moaning’s), good eating (no additional LCHF Recipes), being productive at home, gaming, and all the other wonderful (and not so wonderful) daily activities one should be doing. Spent more than a week eating carb laden food and drinking carb laden drinks, and generally not moving all that much beyond the space I need to traverse to get from my couch to the fridge. Okay, it wasn’t ALL doom and gloom. I’ve managed to do a few things since I last graced you with my presence. My Zelda cross stitch project is coming along nicely, at least. I also managed to finally get somebody at UNISA to give me clarification on continuing my studies. If you have never dealt with UNISA, trust me when I say, this alone deserves a bloody gold medal.

Anyway, I’m back, I’m eating healthier again and I’ve even managed to move a bit further than the space I traverse between my couch and fridge. And now it’s time to share the things that have entertained me this week with you, you sexy beast you! Most of them you can thank my better half, @antiredcap for 🙂 Enjoy!

Mutant Giant Spider Prank

Special mention to the guy at 2:59. Yes, because when confronted with dangling dismembered body parts in a subway station, the first thing one should do is take your phone out and cal.. no, no, wait. Sorry, silly me, of course you’re not calling the authorities, you’re taking a photo! It’s a sign of today’s times, really. Moving on.

Marrying two things I am really rather fond of, Nine INch Nails and gaming, here’s a rather exceptionally clever “cover” of one of NiN’s albums in Atari 8-bit sound bytes. And it’s done BEAUTIFULLY. Have a listen to it over here.

More on gaming, Destiny (a game that is going to break my bank account due to the deliciousness that is the Ghost Edition) is coming out soon and you should totally watch this live action trailer for it; I nicked it from SA Gamer – thanks guys!

Small things interest and amuse me, they always have. These really tiny awesome diorama’s are no exception. A Japanese artist has spent every single day of the last four years creating a miniature masterpiece using everyday items like broccoli and food cans to create diorama’s, and he’s bloody good at it.



You can follow him on Instagram, Twitter, or just visit his site to see what it’s all about.

On to another talented person, here’s the voice and musical intelligence behind Ten Second Songs doing Linkin Park’s “In the end” in 20 different styles. I nabbed this from the awesome fella over at OneLargePrawn 🙂

Lastly, here’s a very sweet video to remind us why we love our video games, thanks again to the folks over at SA Gamer. Have a rocking weekend!


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