Just For Fun Friday’s

So while the lucky few from the place I work at get to go to Gamescom, I have spent the week watching the trailers and announcements online. Much fun was had (by me, not sure about the Sony fanboi’s) with the announcement from MS that the next iteration in the Tomb Raider franchise, Rise of the Tomb Raider, was an exclusive Xbox title. The RAGE and ENTITLEMENT that filled the interwebs was a joy to behold. Then, a mere 24 hours later, MS’s Phil Spence stated it was a contract with a duration. In English for us? Timed exclusive. Anyway, that kept me entertained for a good 48 hours while those not planning on owning an XBOX One in the future seethed and collectively gnashed their teeth at what had been taken away from them. Because, ya know, it’s THEIRS. This tweet from Darryn over at LazyGamer summed it up nicely and made me chuckle:

Back to Gamescom, Devon decided to taunt me with pictures via WhatsApp from the ridiculously awesome looking Hall of Swag at Gamescom, here, suffer with me.








So let’s cheer up shall we? Here’s a collection of amusing stuffs, pretty much thanks to my better half via GTalk:

And that’s it from me for today, have a wonderful weekend all of you, see youon the flip side!


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