Just For Fun Friday’s

Hey! Hello! Welcome back (to both you and me)!

Apathy has been my middle name for the past few weeks, but with the morning natural light appearing earlier and the necessity of my fan heater while getting dressed decreasing at a rapid rate, so too my energy levels are rising and that pending spring in my step feeling is slowly returning. Well, we hope so anyway – we all know how much of a faddist I am with any kind of commitment not involving beer, food, or my other half. Here today, gone tomorrow….

Anyway, today’s is a mixed bag of stuff, some old and some new, all interesting / entertaining (to me). Enjoy it, and remember, TOMORROW IS ANOT.. oh, wait, no, BAD Choffel, BAD!. Get to it!

A game company responsible for Skullgirls got clever, and put a pirate in his place. I just read about this in the August issue of NAG, but of course there’s a local story for this too on our trusty interwebs, which you can view in full over at LazyGamer. In a nutshell, New Meridian implemented a unique pop-up message that would only appear if the copy being played was pirated – this happened and the player unwittingly tweeted a screen shot to the Skullgirls account asking why, to be rewarded (righteously) with this reply:


Too damn right.

Today’s quiet “announcement” from the makers of a game I invested far too many hours in has started a little buzz – Sierra is coming back!

Now, time to HIT ME WITH YOUR PET SHARK! Confused? Worry not, it will make total sense in a moment – just watch the video for misheard song lyrics:

Aaaaaand here’s some more on gaming…. kinda… Antiredcap shared this disturbing little gem with me during the week:

I’m not one to jump onto the whole feminism bandwagon and shout from the rooftops re woman’s rights and things that offend me (as it really rarely happens), so as such I usually ignore anything realted to these topics, but this one is funny šŸ™‚

Lastly, because I’ve been HORRIBLY slack of late in sharing anything LCHF related (mostly because I’ve been HORRIBLY SLACK at doing anything LCHF lately…), here’s a delicious looking recipe from the folks over at the GetSlim site which I’m going to try in the near future: Loaded Cauli Bake

That’s it folks, enjoy the weekend and trying to look busy at your desk for the rest of today!


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