Just For Fun Friday’s

This week’s been a busy one – I’m seeing a recurring pattern I’m not too fond of here 😛 Even more reason to find things to amuse and distract for a bit.

First up – I’m a ginger. A red head, a carrot top, a firetruck. I grew up not only being a carrot top, but having to suffer through 4 years of braces, had freckles, and was already sporting hairy legs by 12. Granted, they’re “blonde” (ginger) hair, so not noticeable until the sunlight hits them. And then I have the misfortune of resembling the not so pretty Twilight Vampire cousin third removed on the extended side of the not-so-fortunately-good-looking family. It was challenging, to say the least. People like Gareth Cliff who constantly campaign against us “ginger’s”, warrant a PK – even though I like the man and his opinions, and I’m certain it’s a standing joke, I’d still slap him upside the head for the discriminating comments against myself and our ilk should I meet him in person. The truth, I reckon, lies in the fact that people find us fascinating and weird, and don’t understand the natural freakish occurrence of us red heads. And we all know you fear what you don’t understand. Rightfully so – while we’re arguably the most loyal friends you’re ever likely to find, as a general rule we all seem to be quite short tempered, and the saying “hell hath no fury” should really end with “like a red head scorned”. I suspect this has far more to do with battling the constant insults growing up than any real related DNA factors, but most of us are this way. And red heads DEFINITELY have more fun. One of my absolute fav’s of the ginger persuasion is Tim Minchin – a singing comedian, if you will. He sums it up beautifully in this song, and you’ll have a laugh whether you’re one of “us” or not.

It’s no secret that I’m a Ninty fangirl, and as such, I naturally bought Mario Kart 8 at launch. I love the game, and racing against your friends and other online peeps is one of the best aspects for MK8. BUT. It can also be the worst. This comic strip from Penny Arcade sums it up nicely, really 😛

If you’re a Breaking Bad fan, this will probably amuse you as it did me. Some student sent a bobblehead of Walter White into space – and you can see the time lapse trip to the moon (almost) and back in the video below. They’re even running a competition to win the gent who went to space – sadly it’s US residents only.

That’s enough awesome to tide you over today. Have a rocking weekend!!


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