Monday Moanings – Keep Calm and Try Again

I have failed this past week. DISMALLY. Weigh in for the #Fat2Fab challenge is tomorrow and I know for certain I’ll be up. It’s been a week of no exercise (work and evening events got in the way) followed by a birthday weekend spent over eating and drinking OMG ALL THE CARBS!!!

As it is, this morning the scale yelled at me that I’m 3kg’s heavier than this time last week. THREE. F**ING. KILO’S. Yes I can argue water retention until I’m blue in the face, but I sincerely doubt that’s all it is. I brought the remaining 1 litre plus Ultra Mel custard (much to my other half’s disgust) and the left over hot dog rolls in to work for our very sweet, mouse quiet, diminutive tea lady today. She is smiling from ear to ear. Almost as much as I was smiling when I ate a cheese and onion chip roll for breakfast yesterday. And took the fact that the kettle wouldn’t switch on as a sign that I should fill my beautiful newly acquired Le Cruesset coffee mug (part of my gorgeous birthday gift from my better half) with Ultra Mel. AND then I proceeded to have pasta for dinner last night. And lots of chocolate through the day. LOTS.

I didn’t fall off the wagon so much as hop off, run ahead, dig an abyss for it to fall into, and lay touch explosive dynamite at the bottom for it when it hit.

So, today is yet another day one for me.


PS. That chip roll was the BEST.

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