Monday Moaning’s – Just gotta KEEP MOVING

Yes, yes, I know; I missed last week’s post for Monday Moaning’s. I apologise, but ’twas a public holiday here, which generally means no posts from me (I tend to do posts on week days only).

So let’s catch you up on the P90X. It’s just as well I didn’t post last week; as I was convinced I would need to be put in traction to recover from the sheer brutality that is the P90X Plyometrics session. No sane human should ever embark on this routine. It’s inhumane, insane and probably breaches the Geneva convention or human rights laws somewhere on the planet. At least, that’s what I would have told you last week – when just going to the bathroom became an exercise (there’s that cursed word again!!) in pure torment – my thigh muscles were beyond sore; I was googling muscle transplants as I swore I broke mine. Okay, not literally, but you get my point 😉

I started off all gung ho as one does with all new and shiny endeavours. Breezed through the first class for Chest and Back, and gave it my best shot with the Plyometrics class on day 2, but had to actually stop 15 minutes before the end. It’s all lunges and jumps and things my joints and rapidly ageing and horrendously unfit body CANNOT DO. Day 3 saw me take a “rest day” because the pain was just too damn severe to do anything else. Note to self – COOL DOWN COOL DOWN COOL DOWN. I didn’t stretch after my abrupt end to the Plyo class, I just collapsed into a blubbering barely breathing sack of meat on the couch. Boy did I pay for that.

Almost 2 weeks in though and it’s a much rosier picture. I haven’t managed to do a class every single day and follow the routine by rote, but I have managed at least 3 classes a week in the program, and I managed the full Plyometrics class on my second attempt, but with my own adjustments to survive and preserve my fragile joints. They do 20 lunges, I do 15. They hop in the air like madmen; I jog on the spot. It dawned on me fairly early on that I am NOT at the same level of fitness as these seemingly superhuman bionic specimens in the videos. Expecting myself to be able to keep up and replicate their every move is lunacy. But what I can do, and indeed what the P90X instructor keeps insisting on, is KEEP MOVING.

It’s still one hell of a struggle to actually talk myself into starting that video and doing the class, but if I have the time and no valid excuses to avoid doing so, I get up and do it. And it amazes me how absolutely great I feel afterwards. If only they could bottle that in spray format as a “GET GOING” spray 😛 This is the scary face my better half woke up to on WhatsApp yesterday – I’ll share it with you for humour’s sake 🙂


While I’m certainly sore today, I’m not in nearly as much agony as I was on day 3 of this exercise journey of mine; and the scale was at it’s lowest in probably 3 or more years this morning. The pain is there, but dammit is it worth it. And it will get better, and easier, and one day I’ll manage to match the superhuman bionic people in my TV. One day. Just gotta KEEP MOVING.


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