Just For Fun Friday’s

So it’s been a topsy turvy week with a public holiday meaning no Monday Moaning’s post and yesterday seeing us with no internet (THE HORROR) at the offices, and just generally being really busy, so I haven’t actually had much chance to browse the oddities of the interwebs this week. However, in our glorious 10 minute uptime gap of yesterday, I did manage to view a post on arguably some of the leader’s in the lowest IQ gene pool on the web.

Like this genius, who clearly thinks that plug adapters have improved to the degree that they’re now self powered.

This (assumedly) tween who has clearly never encountered, much less read, a book.

One would assume this is a typo of “cologne”. BUT, I put it to you (couldn’t resist, I’m sorry), that maybe, just MAYBE, this is actually a psycho killer stalker who tweeted straight after eviscerating her love interest who spurned her advances. Takes on a whole new light now, doesn’t it?

There’s more than enough idiocy to entertain and, quite probably, shock you – you can view the full collection here.

Have a rocking weekend!


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