New, shiny and improved – thanks to Blessed Barrenness & Complete Hair!

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On the 4th of June Sharon posted a competition that I would spam the ends of the earth to win, and, lo and behold, my spamming WORKED! The prize? R1200’s worth of hair styling treatment courtesy of Complete Hair in Bromhof. I’ve long been moaning about my hair, and due to a combination of forgetfulness on my part, and then my bank balance being pitiful when my memory wasn’t, a hair cut has been long overdue. So, complete with split ends and just generally damaged hair (I use box colour and that combined with no trimming in well over 6 months is not a pretty outcome..), I presented myself to Jade at the Complete Hair Salon this past Saturday.

The salon recently moved from a small centre to a house in Catalina Close, Bramhof. It’s situated just off of Braam Fischer and is really easy to find (I found it, so it must be!). Being in a private house means a level of intimacy, welcomeness and comfort you won’t find in a shopping centre. I arrived to Jade’s welcoming smile and after a brief chat (and Jade’s horrified look at my split ends), I was whisked off by Alice to have my hair washed and prepped for the cut and ensuing hair treatments / concoctions and dyes. All this while somehow making a lovely hot cup of coffee complete with sugar biscuit appear 😛

Being in a private house also means you can flit about at your leisure whilst in your foils during waiting time without feeling self conscious or having to worry about the stretch between the salon and the bathroom – in a centre this usually means straining your bladder to almost bursting point to avoid being seen by “the public” in the mall in your state of disheavel! Not a problem at Complete Hair. And I got to sit in the lovely garden and soak up some rays while having a smoke. When you’re in (yes, IN – any girl type treatment stuff is, quite frankly, a laborious chore in my mind) for three or more hours, this is a lifesaver!

Jade took my messed up neglected hair and turned it into something that has gotten me nothing but compliments since Saturday; from my work bestie and boyfriend to other colleagues and our FD at work. A job very well done, so much so that I made my next appointment before I left on Saturday.

I’d highly recommend Complete Hair for personal, friendly service with a homely environment to boot 🙂

Thanks again to Jade, Complete Hair and The Blessed Barrenness for this great prize; I look forward to my next appointment!

You can find Complete Hair on FaceBook HERE
They’re at 26 Catalina Close, Kelly Avenue, Bromhof
Tel: 011 791 4159

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