Just For Fun Friday’s

I’ve mostly spent this week catching up on all the awesomeness that is E3, and then being blown away by Nintendo’s E3 direct – so much of win coming our way in the next year across all platforms really. My wallet is going to hate me.

I give you AMIIBO’s

These alone will see to it that I’m permanently spending money.

There’s also a new Zelda title confirmed, a full game featuring Captain Toad that just looks bloody awesome, and 2 new IP’s – Splatoon on WiiU and codename STEAM on 3DS.Good times to be had 🙂 Ah yes, and a Bayonnetta 2 announcement heralding an incoming bundle that will feature Bayonetta 1 too – which is awesome for those (like me) who have yet to play it. Check out the Nintendo Treehouse channel for all the cool gameplay vids and discussions over here.

So, as a result of all the gaming goodness this week, I really don’t have too much in the way of funny / wtf things to share, but here are two I think you’ll like.

First up, this warms the cockles of my heart – Elon Musk has made a bold (some probably think crazy) move and released all patents from Tesla – in a nutshell he wants more car manufacturer’s to make emission free electric cars. Because he’s cool like that. And thpough clearly some people are missing his reference, 10 points for that header Elon! *chuckle* Read “All our patent are belong to you”

And this one’s for a laugh, courtesy of my better half’s blog:


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