Just For Fun Friday’s (the SA Gamer edition)

So I missed my weekly post last week; apologies for that. To make up for it, I’ll bombard you with MOAR stuff’s from the interwebs (one specific interweb spot, really) that’s kept me (vaguely) sane over the past two weeks. ENJOY!

If you haven’t figured it out as yet, I enjoy games. So it’s nice when a new source of information on my favorite hobby pops up on the local radar. Even nicer when it’s not KAK <—- that’s for you, Dawid 😛

A new kid is on the gaming press media block, and they’re SA Gamer. Formerly a forum community only for all things gaming, media and tech related, the team have now added a news, reviews and entertainment arm to the forums, and I’m loving what I see so far! My (arguably, maybe) better half is involved (I assure you, no bias, if it was crap I’d say so. Probably MORE inclined to say so if that was the case!), as well as a few friends I’ve known for many years; all of which I’d class as industry experts in their related topics and reviews. You can read about the full team here.

One of the things that have made me laff the most on the site this week would have to be the news article about Luigi’s death stare in MK8 that made it onto network channel Fox News, which can be found here; below is the video that had me choking on my chocolate milk in mirth that was added in the comments section fo the SA Gamer article. This video at time of posting has hit 3,178,527 views. That’s pretty impressive for the less popular brother of the Italian Plumbing Duo. Be sure to check out the 50cent GIF in the comments section on the SA Gamer post too – LOL’s 4 dayz for realz yo (or however he’d say it).

Next up also courtesy of SA Gamer, is a take on Mario and his antics if real world rules applied (kinda). No real animals were harmed in the production of this video.

SA Gamer have a host of other seriously entertaining video clips, including home made gaming parodies and general gaming chatter and predictions from the team.

Here’s Dave Kozlowski with his parody of Watch_Dogs.

Dave has more entertaining clips that are all self directed, acted and shot, so go have a look at his channel for more laughs over on YouTube.

The forums have now leaked on over to the site, naturally, and this is a good thing – the comments section and sense of community between the commenters on news / review / entertainment posts is noticeable, and a nicer bunch you’d be hard pressed to find. I’ve “known” some of these forumites / commenters since the old Take2 forum days, of which I was a very active member way back when, and it’s nice to “see” them again.

If you’re looking for a fun, non judgemental (mostly – you can’t defeat all trolls) site for gaming news and info, and a community to boot, you could definitely do worse than SA Gamer.



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