Warm Rocket Salad with Patty Pan’s, Sweet Gouda and Bacon #LCHF

I’ve sadly fallen off the wagon in a big way these past two weeks as far as LCHF goes; and as a result I’m up 2.5kg’s!!! So, today, renewed commitment to the eating lifestyle – to the extent that I brought the custard and remaining hot dog roll (don’t ask) in to work to give to our tea lady. The easiest way to avoid temptation is, of course, to remove it 😛

So, in the spirit of the LCHF / Banting lifestyle renewal, here’s a recipe for a salad I made last night that everybody complimented me on, and went back for seconds too! The one comment from one of my unwitting guinea pigs was that the salad was so good and filled with varied ingredients that it would make an excellent stand alone main meal. I tend to agree, really.


As with all my kitchen experiments, you can sub / swap out ingredients as you like; it’s really just a template to work around according to your favourites. If you do change anything and you love it, please let me know, love hearing new recipe ideas 🙂

400g fresh rocket leaves, roughly chopped
1 x small punnet cherry tomatoes, halved (& quartered for the larger ones)
6 yellow patty pans, cut into slices approximately 3mm thick
1 large onion, diced
ghee / butter for frying
olive oil for drizzling
4 rashers of streaky bacon, chopped into bits about 1x3cm
Chilli flakes to taste
Ina Paarman’s Olive & Rosemary Seasoning to taste
300g Gouda with Tomato and Garlic (we got a hold of this at a morning boere mark in Pta; use whichever cheese you’re fond of)
1 tsp crushed garlic

26.05.2014 232

26.05.2014 231

26.05.2014 230

26.05.2014 229

In a large frying pan, heat up your ghee or butter, and throw in the onions, patty pans, bacon, garlic and selected seasonings. While this is frying, throw your rocket, cheese and cherry tomatoes into the salad bowl you’re planning on serving in, and drizzle with a generous helping of olive oil.

I fried my ingredients on a medium heat for around 20 minutes; this should be more than enough time to cook the bacon through but still ensure your patty pans still have a bit of firmness to them without being raw.

26.05.2014 227

When you’re happy with your fry up, add it to the cold salad ingredients in the bowl, toss, and you’re ready to go! This salad is also perfect cold, so can be made ahead of time. The last time I made it with a cumin cheese that the other half found at a Woolie’s I think, and it was as delicious! It’s a truly versatile salad, so have at it and enjoy!



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