Just for fun Friday’s

This week has been LONG. The first full 5 day work week most of us have had in recent memory (I have a memory like a goldfish, so that should put it into perspective), and hell was it a chore to get through! Thankfully, the interwebs saved me guy! Some things this week pissed me off, some entertained, and some just outright put a halt to the pending murderous spree I felt I wanted to go on at times.

So here I present what riled, saved and amused me around the web, I hope you enjoy it as much as I did 🙂

Effectively a rant about a rant – re Saffer’s (only white, apparently) response to the election results. Look, I agreed with her in some ways as the post got going, but then she effectively turned into exactly what she was slamming, and as if my faith had not been shaken enough in her lack of mature opinion, it all ends with her proudly stating she voted EFF. Look out for the comment by LuluGirl – it’s eloquently put from the stance of somebody who I feel is far more qualified to provide social commentary than the whining self righteous author on exactly what’s wrong with our political parties and our voting population in general. Hat’s off to you, LuluGirl, whoever you may be 🙂

And after that bit of vitriol, time to blow off some steam in this Official Trailer for NBC’s new series, Constantine. It looks good, and I hope it lives up to it’s own hype. It has big boots to fill if it aims to take on Keanu’s portrayal of mankind’s tortured saviour from all the hellish beasties in the movie by the same name. Here’s the trailer for the series:

And now we can laugh again – let’s stray back to politics shall we? The ANC launched a media campaign video shortly before the elections aimed at the demographic all political parties fight so hard to capture, the ever colourful and much discussed “Cape Coloured”, that is laughable. At first. And then it’s just down right insulting. If the ANC is wondering why the DA continues to prevail in the Western Cape in spite of their (thought?) best efforts, they need look no further than this video. The up side to them releasing this masterpiece is that it earned an opinion piece response, aptly titled You ANC Nothing Yet over at The Daily Maverick that had me in stitches. Especially this part:

“What makes you think this video was directed at coloureds?” read another. “Did you not hear the part where they refer to ‘wit, swart en kleurling’? I mean I would write you up some more meaningful insights and analysis, but unfortunately the clock has struck 16:09pm. This is the time at which I start my daily rendition of ‘Daar kom die Alibama’. I repeat this song a few times with and without brightly coloured clothing. Sometimes in blackface, sometimes with a parasol. It’s a whimsical, yet deeply spiritual time for me as I reflect on my roots. I like to refer to it as Hotnotmeditation.”

You can read the full column by Marelise van der Merwe here, and it includes the link to the YouTube video in question – I refuse to actually post it here on my page lest they think they did something right 😛

Kudos to you if you actually manage to watch the whole thing. I couldn’t.

Realistic Mario: Yoshi Sent to me by my better half, Antiredcap, this made my damn day yesterday. Just watch it. If you don’t laugh or get it, we can’t be friends, I’m sorry. I present – YOSHIZILLA!!!

That’s enough rambling from me – sjoe, it’s been a long one this time round – the week is contagious it seems!. I leave you with three images that made me laff this week, no explanation or commentary from me needed. And if it is, why in gods name are you reading this post? We have nothing in common!!! I kid I KID don’t leave… COME BAAAAAAAAAAAACK!!!

Remember When

i got up early

penny arcade sore point


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