First #JoziMeetUp was a great success :)

A litte while ago Sharon, Laura and Wenchy banded together and decided it was high time we had a Twitter / Blogger meetup event for the JHBurgers (I’m now dreaming of RocoMamas), and I’m quite happy they did!

The meetup venue was at the SunnySide Park Hotel, which in itself was a treat to visit. The hotel has the Ye Olde English charm to it, nestled amongst beautifully cultivated gardens with interesting nooks and crannies filled with stone sculptures and water features, making you forget you left the madness of Houghton Drive a mere few minutes ago. The staff are well attired (James, a coffee please yes hmmmm), friendly, and somehow managed to pull of what seems an impossible task for most eateries these days, separate bills, in the face of a group of gaggling women 40 plus strong. They even had a jumping castle set up alongside our meetup spot for the kiddies that accompanied the Twitterati and Blogqueens with sprogs. Kudos to them! I’m rather jealous of Nadia, who won a night’s stay for two there sponsored by the awesome people at SunnySide Park Hotel!

On to the actual meetup though – it was great meeting new people and hearing snippets of themselves and what they do (blog / instagram / work / life etc) via the mostly brief introductions when called up to get their goody bags (I’ll get to those in a moment). From divorced women, to mother’s of 8, to recently converted marathon runners, it was a fantastically interesting group and I’m looking forward to stalking them all via their various social media vents 😛

The goody bags. Oh boy, THE GOODY BAGS! Hats off to Sharon, Laura and Wenchy for getting them packed on time and of course for getting the sponsors on board for the swag bags, I’m quite certain I speak for each of us attending on the morning – we love them!!!! An absolutely awesome touch from Macaroon were personalised tote bags for each of us, and mine will definitely be seeing much use out and about (even though the other half says it’s too beautiful and he wants to frame it!). Inside these beautifully personalised bags were goodies to make anybody happy – you can check out the pics below for the haul and I’ve listed the sponsors involved to say thank you – we all really appreciate it.

It was a lovely morning filled with laughter and new people met, and I am looking forward to the next meetup already! If you’re a blogger / tweeter, or a sponsor that is keen to get involved, get a hold of one the three superstars that organised this shindig:

Sharon over @ The Blessed Barenness
Laura over @ Harassed Mom
Wenchy over @ Nocturnal Wenchy

And now for the pretty pics 🙂






I happily managed to swap my LaCreuset set with Sharon - we had each other's colours as it turned out :P

I happily managed to swap my LaCreuset set with Sharon – we had each other’s colours as it turned out 😛

And a big THANK YOU to the sponsors who got involved!

Goody Bags

Le Creuset
Rain Africa
Swani Spa
Killarney Mall

Give Aways

Apple Store
Tranquil Body Treats
Richard Simmonds
Sunnyside Park Hotel


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