Just for fun Friday’s

Here’s some stuff from around the web this week that has gotten my attention amongst the hullabaloo that is the interwebs for one reason or another. I’ll be doing this every Friday, so you’ll get to know a little bit about me (maybe), be amused and entertained (hopefully) and I’ll have a reason to post here at least once a week failing a food pic and instructions (definitely). So, here ya go, the first of many “Just for fun Friday’s” posts. Enjoy!

*Cue Southern drawl* “What we have here, is a failure, to communicate”
*Cue Southern drawl* "What we have here, is a failure, to communicate"

I love cute animals, who doesn’t? But this particular video had me laughing my proverbial behind off at 1:17. If you don’t at least crack a smile, go to your GP immediately and let them know your funny bone has been stolen.

Insomniac’s new game IP for Xbox One is making me want an Xbox One. This is not a good thing. *glances over at all the current unfinished and unplayed games*

This fridge available from the purveyors of all things evilly awesome over at Firebox. OMG. WANTS.


It being election week here in good ol’ SA, I’ll close off with these two – one from the ever sharp witted Zapiro, the other from the usually hilarious, yet somehow markedly somber-just-this-once Tom Eaton.

Zapiro’s cartoon on voting day:

Tom’s musings are spot on in his latest column (link’s in the quote, folks):

But I will try to remember that I am hearing only those people who suffer from this strange compulsion, and that the great hullabaloo they kick up is not necessarily a reflection of any kind of collective truth.

Have a great weekend all, and please feel free to share with me what caught your eye on the interwebs this past week!


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