The science behind LCHF – video

If you’re anything like me, reading recipes and looking at pretty pictures galore of scrumptious legal dishes is easy in a book – but start in on the science behind it and I quickly lose interest in the figures and stats provided…. *yawn*. So here is a very educational and fascinating presentation given at the Central Coast Nutrition Conference by Eric C. Westman, M.D., M.H.S. of Duke University, Durham, NC on 1st March this year. It’s scientifc, yes, but in a way us laymen/women can understand. And boy is it scary. Paraphrasing two things that stood out for me the most and hit home:

– Eric was handed a book by a friend that detailed the dietary recommendations for diabetic sufferers in the early 1900’s – pre insulin and medication for Diabetics – the maximum recommended grams of carbs a day to stabilise their blood sugar at healthy norms? 10!
– A diabetic patient who got fed up with the Diabetic Institute guidelines said “The institute wanted me to be a GOOD Diabetic. I didn’t want to be A Diabetic”

Give it a listen (watch too if you can – the videographer zooms in so you can see the graphs Eric is referencing in test results), I’m sure you’ll find it as interesting as I did.


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