So it’s no secret that I haven’t been… umm …. good of late re LCHF. It shows too – I’ve stagnated at the same weight and had no discernible weight loss over the last month really; battling to break that ever elusive 80 wall of mine. I’ve made (another, yet again) resolution to stick to things properly so that I can finally get into the 70’s weight realm and stay there, but boy was I tempted yesterday – birthdays at our company are always accompanied by cakes and snacks bought by the company. There were chicken frikkadels, brownie bites, rocky road chocolate cake, etc, and I was SO SO SO tempted to have JUST ONE brownie bite. Thankfully, Sharon saved me and talked some sense into me, seeing me ultimately leave the boardroom post us all singing to the celebrant of said birthday, and I avoided the cheat.

And then a pleasant surprise – Sharon handed me an Atkins Advantage Brownie Chocolate Bar. OH. MY. WORD. These things are damn delicious, filling and rich, and at only 3.1 net carbs per bar, it’s LEGAL! My other half has an insanely sweet tooth, and I saved half the bar for him to try out this morning. To say he liked it is probably a bit of an understatement 😛 Me, I’m a savoury addict, and specifically, crunch is what I miss on the LCHF plan – crisps. I am MAD about crisps. They have Nutri Snacks on the same site that the Atkins bars are available at, and for the measly price of R10 a bag I may just be able to get my addiction cravings for all things crunchy under control, so the other half and I are both covered and can avoid cheating.

The products are sold online by Elize and her wonderful team over at Get Slim, and you’ll even find LCHF friendly bread (yes, BREAD!!), pita’s, wraps and noodles – all those wonderful things you’ve been missing on LCHF; and they have a bunch of delivery and payment options available to make things nice and easy for you. So, what are you waiting for? Head over there now by clicking this LINK and have a look around; it’ll probably save your eating lifestyle 🙂

A little bar of heaven 🙂



  1. Thanks for the mention Chantal! I must say also really battle to break through the 80's. I've lost and gained 3 kg now for at least a year. I'm trying to avoid cheating at all costs! Glad you enjoyed the bar!


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