Fat2Fab Mini Challenge – lose weight, gain moola :)

I haven’t actually mentioned I think why I started on this LCHF Banting journey – it was all due to my work bestie Blessed Barenness who educated me on it, did all the exhausted research and whose noticeable weight loss convinced me to give the hype a test run. When I became really serious about it though, was when the Fat2Fab challenge launched – a very cool idea thought up by the folk over at Get Slim (you can buy all your LCHF goodies from them!) and which has resulted in a FB group and a whole lot of idea sharing between those of us participating. We’re a closed group who put money in a kitty each month, with the goal being to be the biggest loser at the end of the challenge in December – the winner (loser) wins the pot!

So much interest was shown in the challenge that Get Slim have launched mini chalelnges, which run for 3 months and have a prize pot of R2000 at the end of it. As somebody who is not only competitive but permabroke, the Fat2Fab challenge group I’m in is a perfect fit 🙂 And of course I’d love to win our pot at the end of it, but even if I don’t, it is such a great help having a support group to share ideas / gripes / recipes / successes / failures with – I swear some days without the challenge I would have bought McDonalds and just thrown in the towel! The challenge has kept me on track and motivated; so I’d definitely recommend checking out the mini challenges now offered by Get Slim. There is a registration fee of R800, but this nets you the following:

“The mini challenges will run for a period of 3 months each and the first one will start on the 1st March2014! Entry will be R800, which will include an admin fee and a starter pack. Your starter pack will include a few samples of our great products, as well as some tips and suggestions on how to successfully follow a lchf diet to optimize your success. It will also include online support, via email and our Face Book and Twitter accounts. The winner will win R2000 cash!” <- link is in the text and in the image below – go check it out!


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