When I got home Monday night at 5pm, there was no power, and it only came on again past 8:30pm, by which time I was nice and dozy from reading Silence of the Lambs (first read through… I know, awful of me..) by candlelight and couldn’t be arsed to cook food for myself or eat anything. I’d also already spent over 2 hours in the kitchen deboning chicken thighs (never, ever, ever, let me think this is a good idea again) and prepping the marinade for said chicken by said candlelight.

This was all in prep for the Chicken Kebab recipe that is in The Real Meal Revolution Book, what has become my LCHF / Banting bible and which I cannot recommend enough.

Yesterday morning (it being Tuesday) I fried off the made marinade mixture (it says to do this for 15 minutes prior to applying to the kebabs and cooking), let it cool down and then threw it in with my decimated “cubes” of deboned chicken thigh to let the pieces marinade during the course of the day. I am really glad I did this – it does say in the recipe that you can coat and cook immediately but if time allows I always prefer letting meat marinade for a while to really make sure the flavours from the marinade get in there good and proper like 😛

So, when I got home last night all that was left to do was thread my now well marinaded decimated chicken bits and skin, and cubed red and yellow pepper pieces, onto kebab sticks. It says in the book to cook at as high a heat as possible; I did mine in the oven on a baking tray at 200 degrees Celcius, for approximately 45 minutes, checking on them every 15 – 20 and turning them. There is so much oil in the marinade that there isn’t much cause for concern re burning your chicken. The recipe also calls for you to process the marinade down to a smooth pulp. Due to the no power situation I used my Twister when prepping the marinade pre frying the following morning, so the cashew nuts were still fairly chunky. Honestly, I cannot imagine this dish any other way and my Chicken agreed with me; so if you don’t have a hand blender / blender to make the marinade into a puree as recipe calls for, don’t stress – you’ll probably prefer it chunky like we did. I also cut up the left over pepper pieces and cooked them along with the kebabs in the sauce on the tray -a very nice add on I’d recommend doing (not actually shown in below image – use your imagination!).

Once ready, served them up on a plate with the greek yoghurt dip (added Chermoula and garlic) and OH MY GOD are these just the best damn tasting chicken kebabs I have ever eaten!!! My mouth is watering just writing up this blog post. Even if you’re not interested in the eating lifestyle, I’d recommend The Real Meal Revolution book just for this recipe, it’s that good! Which leads me to – no, sorry, I’m not going to post the recipe here. It isn’t mine, so it is not mine to share; I’m sure if you google you’ll find it online somewhere, but it won’t be from my blog. I do hope you get to make them and try it for yourself, they really are bloody scrumptious!!

I have one here for lunch today…. I’m wondering how long I’ll be able to restrain myself.

Oh yes, and you see all that glorious oil (the marinade alone has a cup of olive oil in it) in the images? All that beautiful double thick full fat Greek yoghurt? I devoured every morsel and droplet on my plate… and I’m down 300g this morning 🙂

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