Apparently, it will make you go up 1.3kg’s 😦

Yes, that sucks, but it also goes to show just how much of an affect carbs and sugars have on me; quite something really. Friday was pizza and beers, Saturday included a few chips, and alcohol (a craft beer, Jack Daniels and red wine), and I cheated last night with Woolies Lemon Sorbet (sorry Chicken I couldn’t resist…. hahahahaha) while watching “The Big C”.

All of this saw my weight go up by 2kg’s as of yesterday morning, and this morning it dropped a bit so I’m now up 1.3 kg’s since Friday morning’s weigh in. Would I do it again? Oh, it will definitely happen again, but point being, if you want to keep dropping weight and feel better and healthier, don’t eat carbs and stay away from the sugar. It’s not only my weight that has changed; I’ve had a headache for three straight days (not *just* the hangover), I have odd muscle / body aches and I had no oomph this morning to get out of bed and walk my dogs. I feel less happy, if that’s the right term – just not right, so to speak. And I’m convinced it’s carbs to blame.

I’m looking forward to being back on the LCHF wagon. Until Ramfest, that is 😛



  1. I'm totally with you, there will always be the odd day / weekend where you will go off plan, and I think that's normal, and you'll see, the wait you put on will quickly fall off. The trick is to just go back to plan as soon as you can.


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