So you know I cheated on my LCHF journey, now let me tell you why, and why it was totally worth it. Sorry, TOTES worth it (hipster venues incoming!) 😛

Friday was Valentines, and Chicken and I not being the Hallmark holiday types, joined friends of mine at an independent cinema located in JHB CBD for a screening of True Romance. A cult hit from 1993, starring Christian Slater, Gary Oldman, Dennis Hopper, Patricia Arquette and other well known actors – and one which neither of us had seen before. I enjoyed it and would recommend you rent it if you can:

The place we went to watch the movie is called The Bioscope – it’s a small room as far as cinema’s go, and the chairs are reclaimed aircraft seats that are super comfy and complete with headrests. The sound quality was decent enough, and they have an HD projector so no issues there. I liked the casual atmosphere, and the fact that you can take your beer and pizza in with you is just great 🙂 The beers and pizza came from The Chalkboard Cafe which is essentially a cash bar / pizza kitchen attached to The Bioscope. Their pizza’s are phenomenal, don’t let the 2 standard electric ovens deter you – we ordered their Meryl Streep – pear, gorgonzola, proscuitto & rocket- to share and OMG was my resultant weight spike worth every bite!! Their pizza’s are a fair size and we weren’t hungry post sharing that bad boy, so I reckon you can safely get away with sharing a pizza on a date. More romantic anyway, innit? 😉

One gripe re Bioscope – they need to get some damn standing fans in to the cinema itself at the very least – it was far too hot in there and at full capacity for what is, I learnt, now an annual Valentines tradition for Bioscope goers, we were all suffering somewhat. My teensy weensy gripe re Chalkboard – the menu states that you can pick from ovetr 50 different locally brewed craft beers. If they had 20 different types in stock, it was a lot. And they had a Bone Crusher Darling box in plain site, but no stock – never taunt a Choffel that way!!

Over all, the staff are friendly and seem quite jacked (you try finding the owner of an ordered pizza in the bedlam of hot bodies, cold craft beers and dark cinema seats successfully!) and their pricing is what you’d expect on hipster drinks – craft beers are average R40, and Amstel is R20, pizza’s vary and can be found on their menu

Bioscope do many events, like indie film screenings and their monthly Noodle Box Cinema which I am very keen to check out (“Enjoy a portion of noodles inside The Bioscope, while watching the best Kung Fu action on the big screen”) and many other signature events, all of which you can check out here. They have a mailing list for those of you, like me, who have memories like goldfishes and will forget about this awesome gem the minute you close this tab, so go sign up now so they can keep you posted on upcoming eve’s of orsm – here’s the link 🙂


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