More detailed post

Is needed I think, due to my long absence. Okay, so I got a call on the 3rd of November to tell me the company is liquidating, and there is no money for me. Oddly enough, had a Kinekt / Xbox Live launch to go to for a buddy to cover, so that was my perfect opportunity to network with all buyers – feel shite that it landed up being a ME night as opposed to a web pic night as it shoulda been, but such is life. Had a few votes of confidence from friends and industry peeps which helped, but it really is the worst time of year to achive anything retail wise. Evereyone’s budgets are tied up until 2011 and you’re pretty muvh fucked. Still, even with those constraints, my products have done well and I’m proud of a job well done by me and even got a new customer on board which is great šŸ™‚
I have no idea what will happen going forward; I’m not thrilled about what I had to do to get the financial backing – ito giving up part of “my company”, but I had no choice for finance reasons and will have to manage that as I go.
Overall, I am flat broke, behind on my rent, overdue on my bills, and still loving life šŸ™‚ There is something about working for yourself that makes it worthwhile. I packed 67 boxes two weeks ago and was fucking crippled as an after effect for 4 days after, and I didn’t care. When you know it’s for YOU, it makes a difference.
Love life – Chris. The man is an absolute dream simply put. I love his family too, so bonus šŸ™‚
Oh hell, you haven’t had the update on mom; she passed away. I think that’s about the time I stopped typing. I sometimes (but not often it must be said) feel guilty for not “feeling” more, but hey, that’s the way she chose the relationship. Was cleaning out my cupboards today, and honestly, I felt more seeing a photo of Pat (Michael’s mom) than my own. You choose how people feel about you more often than not.
Christmas weekend was great fun – spent Saturday wih Reen and the family with Chris, and Sunday with Chris’ whole family – both were orsm fun. This eve went round to Reen’s for a braai. We got there after they’d all eaten but still had a good meal and some good laughs and dicussions.
Shereen was in CT for the past week, she only got back on Friday. She saw Michael at the Spar and he gave her a wide berth. WTF. I’ll never understand that shit. Thankfully, not ,my issue to comprehend, so all fine.
Learnt so much over these past few months really, and I hope I hang on to the lessons.


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