Epic Weekend :)

Friday I went off to rAge and met up with Danny, Marc and Nandrew and missioned about. rAge this year was more fun than previous; combination of cool shit to look at and great company. Microsoft’s Kinekt looks like I need to own it after watching Marc, Danny and others do the dancing game on it – looks like super super fun. Too shy I was to try it out for myself – not nearly enough confidence possessed to do gangsta rapper style moves in front of a horde of strangers he he he. I didn’t get hands on with Move, but have been told by a few reliable sources who have been hands on with it that it is uber responsive and well worth it. Matter snot, funds are limited and I need a decent screen first, so both Kinekt and Move will have to wait. Got some hands on time with AC Brotherhood multiplayer which is great; I can see myself playing that online (when Telkom eventually activate my ADSL…). Also, watched Marc playing the vanquish demo which is yet another game that is now on my radar – fast paced shooter that just looks win. Sadly, Fable3 was not present – never delivered apparently. Contemplating Halo Reach for MP when I have my internets connected too.

Friday eve was dinner in Pretoria at La Pentola – left home at 6:30 and finally got there at 8:20; traffic was insane. An evening of many laughs and meeting new people, and getting to know some I have met previously a bit better. Was a great night and eventually left PTA around 12. Got home and traded a few sms’es with James, which eventually landed up with me driving to his place and watching all sorts of odd movies and series’s episodes on various odd shit that was highly amusing until I eventually came back home at around 12 in the afternoon. Note – still hadn’t slept at ALL since getting up Friday morning, so was oh so slightly DEAD on feet. Couldn’t rest though as I had arranged to collect Guy after he finished up at work and take him through to rAge. So, home, quick shower, lie on couch for 15 minutes, then it was off to Brightwater to collect Guy. Met up with Guy and his friend Stephanie joined us, and we had a few beers at McGinty’s, and I had 2 mana energy “potions” to attempt to revive my worn out body. Then, off to rAge and saw Danny et al again; left rAge at closing at 6pm, dropped Guy & Steph off and headed home to try and get some sleep before I had to go to Doors to meet up with Danny etc. Managed to get in a few hours sleep before being woken at 10pm by Danny to be told they were en route to Doors. Had quick shower, then decided to do my hair etc so I got to Doors just after 11pm. The sets that DJ was playing last night were KILLER. After a Monster energy drink, another Mana potion and a couple of tequila’s, I was on the dance floor for many songs through the night. Was a great eve with many laughs – Danny and I were doing Kinekt moves on dancefloor as was Marc.. it is a highly contagious infiltrating kinda game that hahahaha. Epic dance / theater piece was done by Danny and I to Alice Cooper’s Poison complete with him leaning in to “kiss” me and me dramatically pushing him away etc, which had Danny and I in stitches and also had a little fan club around us watching – most fun & laughs I have ever had on a dance floor 🙂
Nandrew had purchased some steam punk goggles at rAge in the day and was wearing them at Doors, that also was a constant point of amusement for all of us, and a constant ego booster / talking point and chick magnet for Nandrew 🙂 I have the card for the chick who made them; going to find out about the “slim” chicks version – they are just pure WIN.
We all left Doors at around 5; Danny drove behind me home and he, Marc and Nandrew got to meet paprika and see my humble abode, then they headed home after a brief ten minute visit.
Today I only surfaced at around 11, showered and did the dishes (home has been severely neglected this weekend) and then raced off to Northgate to meet Danny, Marc and Nandrew at Steers for food before we headed to the dome for the last 2 hours of rAge weekend. More Kinekt dancing was done by all, including Nandrew. For somebody who was too shy (like myself) to do it the last 2 days; he kicked arse and got higher scores than either Danny or Marc managed to – must be the goggles 🙂
We then headed to Wimpy, where I realised my phone was gone. Marc called and it was off, so obviously stolen, but I headed back to the dome to check if anything had been handed in, no such luck. Apparently it will take at least 4 days to do all required paperwork / reports to get a replacement phone through Cell C which sucks, but not much I can do about it so no point in pining.
I am now at home finally and adapting to just being able to chill and not have to be anywhere for first time in what seems like forever hahahaha. Orsm weekend indeed 🙂
Tomorrow night is dinner at Tings in Hatfield with Danny, Marc, Nandrew and some others, so I am looking forward to that. Until then, I intend to rest, rest, and rest some more.


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