Updates etc

Work is still stressing the shite out of me… it seems we are on a better path, but it’s always hard to tell really. Health is doing better at least, and although it’s costing me a proverbial arm and leg, I’m getting shit sorted on that front and feeling much better physically than I have in a while 🙂 Still no contact from the one person I was hoping to hear from after their “swan song” and various proclamations of how they didn’t want to lose a friend. HA. HA. HA. Yeah, nice way to show that. On other fronts, a more cynical me has surfaced, but a happier stronger me for the most part. Not entirely thrilled about the cynical bit, but if that’s what it takes to stay unhurt for the most part, so be it. Started a “challenge” with Reen & Nel; we’re each trying to lose 6kg’s by end of the year, so we’ll see how that goes 🙂

This weekend is going to be orsm fun – Marc and Danny here for a bit so I get to see them, and tomorrow night is a forum / birthday dinner for people I don’t really know so we’ll see how that goes – going in on my own, wish me luck LOL. Doors scheduled for Saturday night, that should be fun, and of course it is rAge and Sexpo this weekend so YAY! Saw The Expendables this eve with Guy & Richard2 which was fun, and had 2 beers after with them so was a good eve all round. Now I’m sitting, at 03:40 in the morn, enjoying some red wine and music on my iPod. Hopefully I’ll get tired soon 🙂 Here’s to a good weekend ahead!!


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