The Universe sends you people

I had to share this as the timing in hindsight is just mind blowing to me and I can’t view it as coincidence. It gives me a warm feeling and some feeling of spirituality when things like these happen 🙂

I had a hair appointment yesterday morning and had a half hour to kill, so popped into Wimpy for a cuppa joe and a smoke. At one of the tables was an old man who greeted everybody who came into the section with enthusiasm and a very friendly nature. Most looked at him as if he were nuts, I sat at the table next to him and we quickly struck up a conversation.

He is 58, on a government disability as he is manic depressive and bi-polar, and just ahd a lovely friendly nature. Described himself as a “poet, artist and carpenter”. We chatted about many things and I bought him a cup of coffee, but at one point he looked at me and said “I want to give you a poem Chantal”.

He gave me this, handwritten on a blank ulined page in a scrawled cursive, and signed it himself:


Remember me they be glad

Joyous times they had

Say goodbye, all are sad

Wondorous times were had

Leaving home all be lost

Yes the mighty cost

But I will not be bossed

Future times the past

Now be gone without a trace

Heading for a place in case

Survival is the time in place

Starting up again a new venture replace

I related to it in a vague way just from life experiences, but then found out lunch time yesterday that my mom had passed in her sleep Friday night / Saturday morning. So when dave handed me this poem, my mom had already gone.

The universe really is an amazing place.


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