Obligatory Update

Isn’t it amusing how when things are going well, or at the very least without too much drama, that I tend to forget about bothering with blog updates? I suspect I am not the only one. We need “ears” or “eyes” or the delusion of them when we’re down in the dumps I guess far more than when things are okay.

Anyway, all is well and I got back on Tuesday from an orsm trip to CT yet again paid for by my good friend Warwick πŸ™‚ Top on my priority list at the moment is to save enough to pay for my own flight and visit; while he has the means to do so it’s not fair that all my visits are bank rolled by him. Aside from spending an obviously large amount of time with Warwick, also managed to meet up with Marc, Danny, Rodain and Stu for lunch / breakfasts etc which was very cool.

Work has been going fairly well with new products and new listings, so I’m positive about that at the moment. This weekend hopefully sees a meet up with a friend I haven’t seen in quite some time who is finally moving back to SA, scheduled for Sunday so hopefully still on. Also want to do a braai at some point with Reen, must give her a call tomorrow, as well as Nicole – feel like I’ve been neglecting people somewhere along the way and must fix that. Today finally ordered and paid for Shaun of the Dead DVD – WIN! Been dying to watch that again for ages but my vid store doesn’t have it. Soon I shall be a happy Simon Pegg fan yet again πŸ™‚


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