Has been a very cool past almost week, with lots of activity and good times with friends from CT. Nel arrived on Wednesday afternoon so picked her up and we had a braai with Shereen and Ian. Thursday night we joined Ian and Shereen again. Ian made a kick ass lamb curry and we all watched Law Abiding Citizen together with Gerard Butler which was WIN. Friday morning had to get up super early to get Lyon at the airport; Friday day Nel, Lyon and I went to JHB zoo.

Very impressed with JHB Zoo – saw my first gorilla which was great and they have pretty decent enclosures over all for the animals. They do Zoo trots which are 5 or 10km walks at the zoo which I am keen to do, have mailed them to confirm next dates and find out if dogs on leads are allowed.

Friday evening I dropped Nel off at friends of hers in Randburg for a braai, and Lyon and I had prawns at Scrooges at Brightwater, then to McGinty’s for a few drinks until Nel was ready to be collected. Saturday afternoon took Nel to the airport and Sat eve Lyon and I went to a braai at Shereen and Ian’s which was great fun, then we all headed off to Doors and Danny came through. Didn’t speak to Danny much at all but will be meeting up with him in Pta at Tings ‘n Times tomorrow night, so that will be cool.

Yesterday Lyon and I just got a DVD and I made a chicken roast for us, and this morning dropped him off early (up at bloody 5:30!!!). Picked up three DVD’s for myself and have just been chilling the day. Going to watch Gossip Girls at 9 then hit the sack, want to go back to gym tomorrow morning. Still have a cough but overall feeling better.

Today’s POI is the gorilla from Jhb Zoo, Makoko. He is simply beautiful 🙂


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