Weekend of fun and lungs about to cave

Damn cold has snuck up on me and coughing like a trouper… my own fault for persisting in smoking so can’t really bitch hahahaha! far too lazy to type out the weekend’s fun, so here’s a cheat – a copy paste from an earlier mail.

Friday night went to a braai at Shereen’s and her and Ian had bought steak for everyone which Eugene cooked to perfection – best steak I have had in a very very long time! Got home at about 11 and chatted to Dave who was online loading stuffs onto the Subterania site, and then decided I didn’t want to go sleep so decided to finally drag my butt off to Doors. Found the spot where my GPS said it was but couldn’t tell exactly which building as haven’t been there in about 2 years, so I asked the one car guard. He pointed and then said “I’ve got crack, rocks, or anything else you looking for, good stuff!”. LOLLLLLLLLLLLL never thought I’d be offered drugs by a car guard – welcome to JHB!! Cover was R20 which was fine, but then went to bar and damn near had heart failure after I ordered myself a tequila and a beer – R45!!!! As I’d only taken a R100 with me had pretty much 3 beers (switched to Labels which were R15) the whole time I was there. Pretty much people watched and enjoyed the music chilling on me own on upper level watching peeps dance below me, and DJ even played a song I requested so that was cool. Left when the lights came up and they started sweeping which was at around 5am. Will definitely go again and was the first time I’ve actually ever gone out on my own really without feeling self conscious or out of place, so was a little milestone for me he he he.

Saturday morning got woken up at around 8:30 by the dogs and then lazed in front of telly drinking Hot Toddy’s to try get rid of this cold (voice pretty much gone by the time I woke up) until Guy arrived at 12. Then went to check out Icon feeling like a f’n wreck on 3 hours sleep and with a cold. Icon is okay, but very much focused on Magic and Dawn of War 40000 or whatever that series is called, so that was a bit dull for me. If it was after pay day would’ve been cooler so I could actually get something but probably just as well as they had a few things would have loved to get. Outer Limits had a Sauron bobble-head!!! WIN!!!!!!! Animeworx also had a stand there and as usual some awesome Gundam kits. Spoke to the one dude from AWX and he will do 4 hours lessons with me in his home studio on airbrushing etc to do a MG Gundam properly for around R350, so will deffo look at doing that as soon as I can afford to; have to obv get the Gundam and tools first so will be a while as I’m sure that’ll cost….

After icon came home and was truly stuffed so had an hour and a bit snooze while Guy played Enchanted Arms, then was off to dinner at an Indian place in Rosebank called Bombay Blues for Nicole’s bday. Bought a massive can of Play en route and felt a lot better at dinner and more awake. Food was awesome and company was great – Shereen and Ian were also there and a friend of Nicole’s named Mocke (pronounced like the coffee) who is a film lecturer of some sort and a complete nutcase – he myself and Nicole were having lekker laughs about the underlying sexual connotations of the Catholic faith (eat my flesh, drink my blood etc). Mocke even sang Happy Birthday to Nicole loud at the table in an Elvis manner which you had to see and hear to appreciate. All that was missing was the jumpsuit and rhinestones…

Yesterday played some Gears with Guy and slept a little in the arvo, then watched telly pretty much til about 11 and got into bed to read and go sleep. Think my sleep pattern a bit too stuffed up, finished my book at about 3 this morn (Anthony Keidis’ autobiography which is really good reading) and this was with a cold and after a sleeping pill. This morn got woken by Paprika barking at gardener again at 8:30 so yet again too little sleep when I fully intended to sleep the cold off today. Ah well, awake and not feeling too bad and had a really fun weekend so all is well 

And that’s my essay 🙂

And here’s a POI for today; bartenders now making Bioshock themed drinks! ORSM.


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