Cool eve, but slightly miffed atm

Wendy has kindly taken pappi into their home while I was out for the eve which is orsm as it’s much nicer to have her warm and with her buddy Lily; but I’m miffed to get home to having my dog locked up in their house. Pappi keeps me warm and company while I am sleeping 😦 Anyway….

Was a cool eve at Reen’s having a braai which was as always really tasty and I made a kick ass green salad (sprouts, red & yellow peppers, calamata olives, feta, rocket, baby spinach, onion). Played some Xboxen with Eugene and I possibly crossed a boundary there, but not giving a shit anymore is quite handy LOL.

Muscles are sore after being back at Curves and I’m struggling with sleep patterns and tiredness but it will setlle once I get into things I think – just glad to actually be back at gym 🙂

Work seems to be going well; will know for definite by end of next week I hope. It’s been a cool week work wise and I’m keen to keep the momentum going 🙂

As it is now 6:13 am and the sun is rising, it is probably time for me to go to bed. I spent over an hour attempting to find Doors; alas, no luck. They were probably closed anyway; but I still enjoyed the drive 🙂 So, bed, no POI. I’ll make up for it, I promise!


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