Birthday week officially over :)

Saturday was a blur but orsm fun – flight was delayed by a half hour so it was cutting it rather fine for my bday braai to start at 7 to get
everything ready, but Charlene was champion in getting evverything arranged and pretty much arrived with everything required 🙂 It was an entertaining evening to say the least, but nothing bad or untoward in that respect, just a good piss up with friends.

I got home to two bunches of roses – one pink from Nina and one from her “interest” Daron which was very sweet. Also, entire cottage, stairs and all walls painted fresh crisp white and entire surrounding garden and brickwork cleaned up for braai. LOL, Wendy and Siggy are just plain fucking ORSM.
Yesterday had to go get Engelbert from Guy’s place; he stayed over (too much of a risk to drive home drunk on scooter hahahaha) so we went off to Brightwater and I had 1/2kg prawns and then we went to go get Engelbert. Never thought I’d miss a rodent, but I did. Poor little bugger was just itching to be let out of his cage to run around a bit.
After that just uploaded photies from CT dinner and from Saturday’s braai and then got an urge to clean out my “friends” list on Facebook, so did that til about 12. Always a problem for me after a heavy night, if I get up early I tend to just get over tired and keep on missioning til the wee hours of the next morn (and yes, still happening – contrary to what this blog tells you, it is now 12:19am). Bleh. Felt rather buggered this morn still but
managed to get some new work and price lists and catalogues done so that was cool. Also cleaned up the flat and started relocating the borrowed cushions / chairs / blankets to their homes so it looks like less of a midnight shelter now 🙂

This eve was the dinner with the girls (I attended 1 previously in March iirc) and it was cool. After Shereen and I went to Dros to have a few beers and shots then raced off home as Ian was throwing his topys – Kyle was app screaming. Hopefully she didn’t get back to too much of a chilly reception; so funny how men just seem innately incapable of being left alone with a baby (even their own) for any extended period of time.
So now I’m home, buzzing on 2 beers and 3 Jargers ready for a party; alas, this is Jhb, and I have no idea what is open. This town really seems to die early week days but then I probably just don’t know weher to go. Ah well, having a beer and will finish off the Sours (read: cooldrink) while listening to my iPod and then go sleep.

POI for today? Hmmmm.I rather like this picture, so have it.


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