Cape Town Trip

It has been orsmness πŸ™‚

Got to Warwick’s at about 11 Monday eve with a cab driver who mistook me for a passenger seat psychologist (why does this always happen to me with cab drivers?!?!) and Tuesday was a bit of a blur as I was dead tired from only getting to sleep at 5am Tuesday morn. Managed to grab a bit of a nap while Warwick was at work so come bday dinner time was all well and ready to go.

We went to Mainland China on Main Road in Claremont and it was great fun – everyone enjoyed their food from what I could tell and was great to see so many friends again I haven’t seen in a while. Rae’s lift f’d out so she couldn’t make it but Warwick seemed comfortable enough with the oddballs I have as friends ultimately, and I am uber glad he went along even though he was “forced” into it by Rae he he he.

List of peeps who came: Nel, Sarita (friend of Nel, met her at Decodance previously), Lyon, Rob, Richard, Terri, Derrick, Stuart, Ian, Roger, Kirsten, Ute, Barry, Danny, Marc. It was a merry crowd and as usual Danny and Marc had the knack of making their end of the table into a gaming / comedic production which was orsm! Laughs all round really from everyone, such a cool bunch of friends I have. Warwick ended up “paying off” some of the staff to let us stay a bit longer as they usually close at 10pm weekdays LOL. We got back to Warwick’s place at 11pm as he had to be on stnadby for some work stuff so near a PC – thank F nobody called or they would have had a call placed to two rather drunk people hahahaha.

Wednesday was feeling a bit fragile but had made plans to go out with Ute, so I dragged my butt out of bed and Ute took me to Peddlar’s in Constantia where we shared some absolutely divine starters and each had a sinful dessert πŸ™‚
Thursday morning Tracey met up with me at Cavendish and I got to see Xavier again – I cannot beleive how big that boy has gotten! Still full of smiles and adorable as ever. Thursday afternoon Neil & Waine picked me up and we headed to Forrester’s and had some beers and some chilli poppers, and they very sweetly gave me Assassin’s Creed for NDS as a bday gift – can’t wait to check that out!

Yesterday Rae came round and we walked all over Cavendish and Claremont looking for boots for me (I lost the damn heel of the one boot and it’s the only pair I have with me) – I spotted a pair at Europa I really wanted right up until I saw the price – R3200!!!! Fuck me!!! So we went hunting and I found two stunning pairs (black, of course) at Shoe HQ for a total of R870 – much more like it thanks very much. Warwick even approves πŸ˜‰
Last night Warwick and I played some more L4D and *just* managed to finish a campaign on EASY – L4D2 is *HARD*. Or we just suck. Either way, was fun πŸ™‚

Today alas is back to Jhb – really looking forward to birthday braai with Jhb peeps this eve, but I am going to miss Warwick and this gorgeous mountain view from his balcony. Ah well, such is life, can’t have it all etc etc.

Oh, on some good news front – met with Bert yesterday morn and it appears it is back to business as usual, so time to pull up my socks and get shite done; looking forward to being able to actually work properly again. Also, he and Joyce are planning a trip to Antarctica (lucky buggers!) in January, so at this stage I may just be spedning a month in Cape Town while he is away. I’d drive up of course, so I hope so as that would be cool πŸ™‚

K, today’s POI is a 4 foot paper craft Gundam. There’s a vid of it’s making compressed to 4 minutes if you hit the link: From Paper to Insane 4 Foot Gundam in 4 Minutes


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