Pictionary is WIN

Yesterday picked Guy up and we played Gears, finished the first one and started on Gears 2, was great fun. Went to Nicoles for snacks and evening of board games; landed up playing Pictionary until 1:30 this morning. Was Nicole, Guy, myeslf and a friend of Nicole’s Rika playing and we had many laughs :)3 women drawing, “picture” it HAHAHAHAHA.

Was really good to get out as Friday night was stressful here – not my drama for a change but landed up getting roped into it by sheer proximity. Wendy’s dog Shaggy was knocked over Friday night and killed right in front of the house (there is a main street than runs past the front) which, coupled with too many drinks, seemed to make Wendy snap and go off at her family which ultimately resulted in cops being here and all sorts of crap. The worst about it at the moment is that Shaggy is still lying on a black bag right at the gate I use to get up to my cottage – I have to continuously walk past this poor dead dog 😦 I do hope they bury Shaggy soon, it’s very sad to see.

Only fell out of bed at twenty to ten this morn and quickly went down to put a load of washing on, so going to go shower now, then hang the washing, then off to Shereen’s place for a day potjie with her family and some of her friends, will be a great day I am sure 🙂

And tomorrow evening it’s off to Cape Town!! YEAH!

Today’s POI is more of Sheldon from BBT in the form of another t-shirt:


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