Then in CT 🙂 Can’t wait to see everyone again, going to be such fun!

This week certainly hasn’t been productive in terms of exercising, but has been so on a social level so I’ll take that thanks. Monday Charlene came by and we played GH the whole day and eve after doing some store visits. She’s getting really good at it, but as she was rocking the damn power supply cut out again 😦 Will be getting my old XBOX 360 from Ian when I am in CT so back up power supply should resolve that issue until I can afford to get the new “slim” model. Yesterday felt rather tired (Charlene left here at 12 and I landed up chatting to Warwick until about 2:30am) but got my washing done at least LOL.

Watched the SA vs France game and Bafana did us proud; I actually watched an entire soccer match and enjoyed it – whou woulda thunk? 🙂 Didn’t make it through to the next round but at least they went out on a win which was cool. After the match Shereen invited me to join her, Ian and her dad at Dros up the road for something to eat and a few beers. My immediate reaction was “uurgh, short notice” followed by “hang on, I’m single, hell yes I’m coming”. It’s taking some getting used to, this not having to report to anyone vibe, and it’s great 🙂 Anyway, Dros was loud and everyone was merrily sloshed so the atmosphere was cool over all. Randomly ran into Jason, somebody I know from Cape Town and haven’t seen in 3 years so that was very cool – had a shot and a quick chat with him and his girlfriend Robyn and exchanged numbers etc so hopefully I’m making the friends circle beeger (cue rip off of annoying ad campaign…).

Headed to Shereen’s place after for a glass of wine and invited her dad to my birthday braai as well for the 3rd which I think he’s really chuffed about. Spent some time chatting to Ian about work gripes he has and held Kyle for a bit while Shereen was having a smoke outside – he is just too damn adorable and got a few very cute smiles while he was sitting with me.

Today, no plans. Have sent a few work related mails I need some responses on to move forward with things but as is the current pattern I have nothing pressing to attend to. I’m starving so it’s time to get some food….


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