Sunday, “work” tomorrow, back to the week etc etc. This is a great thing indeed as it gets me closer to seeing CT friends again 🙂

Had a cool weekend all round, Guy was here and stayed over last night – played GH and Gears and felt less than 100% today due to far too much drinking done last night – a part in gears that should have been doable in my sleep seeing me killed twice was testament to the fact that imbimbing beers, apple sours and OB sherry probably NOT the best idea on earth he he he. Still, fun was had so all well.

Treated myself to new boots yesterday, two new tops and got my eyebrows done at Norwood centre up the road as I got my expenses paid earlier than I anticipated. Budget is really really tight atm (what’s new) but I can afford these small splurges which is great, and I really needed to do it for myself.

I’m hoping this week ahead sees me being more productive, not really from a work perspective as lack of production there isn’t really in my control, but for myself. I need to exercise again, been very bad with that lately and that sucks. I did take Paprika for a 15 minute walk yesterday morn; told myself it was a short walk because SHE couldn’t handle any further he he he…

Things with Michael are apparently not going very wel at all based on things I’m hearing, but I’m not getting involved and refuse to. If I couldn’t “fix” or help him when we were together, I sure as shit cannot do anything constructive about it now. It’s sad, and I wish it were otherwise, but he’s a big boy and must take responsibility for his actions and choices or suffer the consequences of them. It’s just a pity that man is indeed not an island and others get caught in his own internal battle crossfire.

Today’s POI; a rather amusing “beat poem” by Tim Minchin can be heard over here – I recommend listening and reading, or you’ll miss many of the clever things he has to say / jibe about. Tim Minchin’s “Storm”


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