Day of rest

And it’s Friday, not Sunday. Today is an odd one, but not “bad” odd, just, odd. I’ve literally been sitting on the couch since 8am with really nothing achieved, reading Danny’s Live Journal entries all the way from 2003 (he linked to a post in an IM discussion thsi morning about something we were chatting about and I just decided to keep reading from there) and sort of watching telly in the background.

The odd thing about today is that even though I am achieving nothing it isn’t bothering me. Not usual for me. maybe I have finally gotten to that point of relaisation that feeling guilty about something you may just be able to do if you thought about something to do for long enough is pointless. If there is something to be done, I do it. If there isn’t, so be it.

Flight for CT ha sbeen booked and paid for, so I am really really excited about that. Really looking forward to seeing the CT friends again and spending some time with Warwick, will be much fun πŸ™‚

Today’s point of interest has got to be a movie trailer I have watched no less than 6 times since this morning, it is just THAT funny!

Scott Pilgrim vs. The World

On the 3rd watch through I realised that the “she dusts” Evil Ex-Boyfriend is Danny’s twin in many ways. Then I REALLY laughed my arse off!

Have a fantastic weekend everyone! I’m going back to doing… nothing πŸ™‚


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