New Discoveries

On the Xboxen – the power supply switched itself back on so all appears to be well there for now; making arrangements to get another one anyway for back up… Tonight I’d like to start Bioshock 2 so let’s hope I can do so without any problems.

Yesterday saw the start of the FIFA Soccer World Cup and the energy and vibe surrounding everything here is contagious and exciting. My car is now kitted out with SA flag mirror socks and window flags πŸ™‚ Wendy has had flags from all the countries put up on the top of the walls all round the house, so we continuously hear cars hooting and vuvuzela’s blowing as people drive by in appreciation and thanks – very cool πŸ™‚ I was very sceptical about the World Cup and SA’s ability to pull it off but yesterday for teh first time in possibly ever I actually felt patriotic and proud to live in this country with all they have achieved in pulling this event off under the scrutiny and naysaying of world wide critic and those at home, including myself. But they’ve done it and the kick off was superb and electrifying, with even me cheering Bafana Bafana on. I hope that the sense of togetherness and unity that has arisen from the soccer fever lasts and actually translates into a greater community sense overall affter the cup has run it’s course. It’s a month of celebrations so there’s a chance the attitudes become habit, you never know. Here’s hoping!

I was invited to the house to watch the opening match between Bafana Bafana and Mexico with Wendy and Siggi and stayed to have dinner with them and lots of wine – was a very cool evening that resulted in me sleeping most of my day away today LOL.

Again at a point in the evening my guides started channeling through Wendy to communicate some things and I “met” Annabella, my twin sister from a previous life in Italy and my main spiritual guide in this life. It was interesting and sounds completely unbelievable I know, but it’s something I am taking in stride and not questioning at this stage. Wendy has given me a book to read on the spiritual take on relationships with everything in life which I will read and will attempt a synopsis / thoughts post on it after. I say attempt as I’m neither a non believer nor a “convert” – I resonate with many of the ideas of spirituality from a gut feel point of view but at the same time am a sceptic of many of the purported concepts and ideas of certain aspects of it. I guess I’m open to learning other view points really regardless of whether I relate to them as “fact” or not. I’m at a point in life that is a new journey and am appreciating the good people around me and the paths that have led me to somebody like Wendy at this stage in my journey and a time when I need to heal and mend and get to know myself. Regardless of whether I become a firm believer in all of this or just use the educational road of it for various aspects as I need it, it has come at a time where it is a comfort to me to believe I am not after all alone. That, I won’t question πŸ™‚


Today’s point of interest is a Mario themed corset that is just too adorable for words!


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