Moving On Up

No moving on out and something may stop me! LOL

Been a tad frustrating with the move as I am still waiting for the large items I couldn’t bring from Shereen’s place in my car. So, no TV, no bed, no couches, no fridge. They were supposed to come by yesterday afternoon but had and urgent job to do so now it will be this afternoon apparently. I hope so. Aside from not being able to watch any television or game last night Vodacom is having network issues again so I also had no internet. I’ve finished the last unread book I have, so here’s hoping I do indeed get my stuff today.

I was supposed to go check out some bands at Emmerentia with Nicole today for MK’s 5th birthday bash but now with the guys delivering I can’t do that. Nicole will come visit me here so at least the day isn’t a total loss, though I am a wee bit miffed that I’m missing a concert I won a free ticket to LOL. Still, it’s JHB, there will be plenty more to see and do in the future.

For today’s interest piece, there is a local film called Night Drive that will release in theatres soon that is a horror based on muti killings. Having watched the trailer seems almost like a Texas Chainsaw meets witchdoctors, so it should be quite gruesome. Trailer counts as “obscene” material so I’ll just link to it here for you.


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