All moved in and nowhere to sit

This place is ORSM! Will post pics as soon as I can – alas all my stuff is still at Shereen’s place so don’t have my camera etc. The only things I have here are my clothes, shoes, laptop, a book, a lamp and a duvet. Thankfully Shereen will be coming round in a bit to bring me a mattress to sleep on until my stuff is moved and dinner 🙂

My moola still not in from either work or the previous BF, so that kinda sucks, but hopefully that should be sorted by tomorrow.

Paprika is loving it here – she spent two hours running in and out of the sliding door while I was unpacking the clothes etc this afternoon. They have two dogs and a cat as well so some company for her which is cool. The cat has taken a liking to my abode – she’s been curled up on my comforter since about 3pm.

That about covers the moving stuffs for now.

Going forward, I’m going to include a link or image of something I’ve seen that day I like or found interesting. While my life is enthralling, I know, some might want a foray into other areas. Hope you find them interesting / cool too 🙂

Link to the article on this orsm toy is here

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